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The underlying deep rooted conditioning that women can’t have needs or wants beyond their duties as nurturers & caregivers of family.

The persistent conditioning right from the time a girl is born, teaching her that she is supposed to be a selfless being. And that motherhood is the pinnacle of all that a woman is supposed to strive for.

This messaging of a selfless woman is ingrained deep into our culture & it keeps getting portrayed over & over. It’s voiced down in the way stories are told, the way elders pass on their learnings. It’s in the way women are appreciated, put on pedestals for being superwomen managing all, taking care of everyone. So much so that mom guilt is a very real pain for mothers.

Unfortunately such lofty expectations are further ingrained by the media & marketing messages around us.

I recently saw an advertisement of an delivery app/ company which has a mother saying she has a small child so stepping out, leaving the child at home, apparently you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to leave child at home. I mean really?

A mother doesn’t want to leave the house because she has a baby! Is she supposed to live out all her remaining days inside the house then!

It’s wasn’t so much about the concept of ease of delivery at home but rather the way the message was worded & delivered that irked me. It may not have been intentional but even unknowingly this is how it keeps getting cultivated & promotional content should be better directed. Not further help create an unrealistic imagery of this mother who takes care of everything & doesn’t even want to leave her house for the baby!

It irritates me because being a mother who steps out for work leaving her child at home/ daycare, I have faced this judgement various times. From relatives calling my son ‘bechara’ to being worried about how he must be missing out on mother’s love because I choose to spend some hours away from him, taking care of other things!

Stop this conditioning

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