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Women deserve equal pay and equal opportunity. Most women are left behind in the career race when faced with difficult choices. The work industry is focused more on applauding sacrifices and shows of tokenism rather than actually making the work environment inclusive and more women centric.

Few days back Sanchita Rani Roy, a police personnel deputed in Silchar PI court and a new mother, was praised for her dedication to her work when she was seen walking into her office with her beautiful 6 month old baby in a carrier. Sanchita loves her job & since there is no one at her home to take care of the baby, she brings him to work. The cop with a smiling visage is an inspiration for any woman who believes in her dreams.

But apart from praising the committed new mother the news missed pointing out the glaring problem about how non conducive the general work environment is for working women across the globe!

Ms Roy has no other option than to bring her child to work if she wants to keep her job. And it’s here that we fail in supporting the women work force who desperately need better and affordable child care facilities, appropriate maternity leaves & flexible opportunities.

Women aren’t asking for special privileges when they ask for these basic needs. They are the birth givers & in many cases the primary care givers in the family. It shouldn’t force them to sacrifice their aspirations & financial independence for a family life.

It is important to sensitise the work environment, which is highly male oriented, to create a work environment conducive enough for women to be able to stay in the work force.

Affordable child care facilities are almost non existent. Whereas the prejudice against working moms that they get ‘privileges’ is readily given.

Corporate & Government infrastructures & policies need some major overhaul if we intend to increase the percentage of working women force. And not have women forced to choose between a career and her family.

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