As a mother there are a whole lot of words, which earlier held no consequence in my life, but suddenly have become important and meaningful to me. One such word is Organic and Natural made. Suddenly the word ‘organic’ has taken precedence over everything else and I look for it in everything that I buy or use for the baby. And it is in this process that I am bringing to you the review of Mamaearth Baby wipes that I have recently started using.

Why do I use Baby Wipes?

Now kill me if you will, but wipes are something that I have been completely dependent on since my son was born. My mom was a bit skeptical when we first started using it and she wanted us to stick to water and cloth but she was soon a convert when she saw how convenient they were. They are less messy and make the whole cleaning up process much easier.

Fast forward to a toddler running around all day and wipes are something that I probably overuse in an attempt to keep this tiny person’s hands even remotely clean. And why only hands, I end up using wipes to clean up almost everything; car dashboards, messy keyboards, spilled food everywhere…And he is still in diapers thus wipes are used in abundance at our home.

Why Mamaearth Bamboo Wipes

As I said I almost overuse Baby wipes. Thus, imagine my surprise when one fine day I got a rude shock upon realizing that all the wipes that I have been using are made of polyester! I was introduced to Mamaearth’s just launched brand of wipes which are made of Bamboo and that is when I realized that almost all wipes are made up of polyester! Polyester which is not bio degradable, polyester which is probably harsh on my baby’s soft skin. I had always been busy looking at the ingredients list and never thought much about what was it actually made of!

Now I have to say that I have am not Always environment conscious and am guilty of using disposable diapers. Two things contributed to this, firstly, I really did not do too much research on these things while pregnant and thus was not so aware of the cloth diapering scene. Secondly, with the prospect of joining full time work within 3 months, cloth diapering seemed like too much work to me.

We did use cloth nappies through the first year though, and I was able to do that as I had help. My mom used to take care of baby A while I was away at work and we had a maid who used to come in during the day and It was her job to wash all the soiled nappies.

So cloth diapering never happened with us and I am sorry to say but I have actually been contributing a lot to the waste with disposable diapers and wipes too. Thus, using the Mamearth wipes, which are bio degradable, helps me overcome some part of my guilt #GoGreen

Benefits of Mamaearth Bamboo Wipes

1. These wipes are made out of bamboo cloth and not polyester and thus is soft on baby’s skin

2. The wipes contain Shea Butter, Almond Oil and lavender oil, which keep the baby’s skin moisturised and soft

3. The wipes do not contain no synthetic fragrances and has only a very light scent to it. Thus I know that no chemical products are being used to create the fragrance.

4. The wipes come in a very cute packet with an owl on it and has a plastic flap cover. The other wipes in the market all have a sticker type flap, in some time the glue reduces and the flap doesn’t stick thus the wipes dry out.

5. They are made out of 100% bamboo and are completely bio degradable

Price Point

1. The wipes come in a packet which contains 72 wipes prices at Rs 299

The cons of Mamaearth Bamboo Wipes

1. At Rs 299, These wipes are definitely at a steeper price than the other wipes in market but since these are made out of bamboo and not polyester personally I am ready to pay that price for it.

2. I had been using water based wipes before this and I found the Mamaearth wipes to be a bit dry.

3. The size of the wipes seemed a tiny bit smaller to me than other wipes BUT this may be purely my imagination as I have not actually measured and compared the dimensions of these wipes. ( not that cuckoo)


I give the rating of 4.5/5 to Mamaearth Bamboo Wipes and would recommend it as a safe and good wipe for mamas and babies.