I refuse to hustle

I don’t like hustling And I certainly don’t want to spend my life doing it.

Sounds totally wrong doesn’t it? When in fact all mediums around us continue reinforcing our need to do just that.

Being a hustler and giving it your all; isn’t that the goal?

Hustle culture is the mantra today and we are all running on this giant treadmill of hustle; chasing this sightless goal of being happier, wealthier, fitter. And what exactly is this mark of being happier though? Is it our possessions,

a certain figure in the bank,

the size of your car,

a waist size,

number of social media followers,

is it a certain brand of handbag?

Which one of these is the exalted promise of happiness?

And to achieve this name less promise land we are supposed to do everything in our powers, push beyond our capabilities and apply every strategy and trick in the book. We are allowed to call it strategy, hustle game etc but isn’t it the truth that it is something absolutely different from ambitions and goals?

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The problem with today’s world is that the lines are blurred between our personal ambitions and the expectations based upon the seeming perfection of society around us which is further exacerbated by the unrelenting pressure created by social media.

The social construct around is such today that you end up feeling inadequate in every way possible. Be it your life, your achievements, your efforts, and most of all how much are you doing to achieve it all. It’s never enough and there is always some more; something better.

It was not enough that this feeling of inadequacy, of not being good enough was being exploited by the competitive labour market and a commercial capitalistic society. It is now further underlined by the constant exposure we receive telling us that being ordinary is not good enough.

The need to keep going, keep pushing and the simple fact that getting off the treadmill makes you feel guilty!

If you are not hustling, you start self doubting your own worth, the FOMO makes you believe that you are failing!

And so you don’t stop, you don’t take the needed time off. You feel scared to say no to FOMO and not feel guilty for not doing everything.

Ironically, the pandemic brought the world to its knees and told us quite clearly that we need to halt. It was supposed to bring in an appreciation towards slow living. It told us to “take a pause” and made us realise that life is a blur which we end up rushing mindlessly through with our “you snooze you loose” attitude.

But all of that has been quickly lost and we are somehow worse off, carrying more guilt of not doing enough, feeling less adequate than ever and running at a much faster pace where in saying that this is enough feels scarier. FOMO has come in and made permanent homes inside our psyches never to leave again.

But here is the fact, it’s this hustle treadmill which is incorrect.

You are enough and always were.

Don’t be afraid to step down of it and

call it out.

Take a break,

Love Smita