This photo here is a lot of things; Transformation, 3 months of Keto & lots of guts. And weight loss through Keto Diet

My Transformation story of weight loss through Keto Diet

The collage I have chosen here is not only about how Keto has helped me. But also how I have come over my own self confidence issues. I was skeptical to share my photo as a transformation pic as Internet is a harsh place. There will be many who will snicker saying that it is quite a useless pic. But I know some of you have been with me all along.

I will talk about Keto and my weight loss through Keto Diet but pls note I am not an expert. I have no clue about making a meal plan for you. I can be a Keto buddy. I will share my learnings with you about my weight loss through Keto diet, but the choice & decision & will power is yours. Also Keto is a lifestyle, no one can give you a meal plan for this. You have to design your own based on your calories requirements. More on that will come later. First why Keto?

Weight loss through Keto Diet
Weight loss through Keto Diet

So the extreme left pic is me before marriage. Yeah, I was extremely slim.

Why I started Keto Diet

I have been working out since I started working. I led a healthy lifestyle. Always kept myself toned. Made healthy choices.

Come pregnancy, an easy conception, easier pregnancy and a normal delivery. But I was left with 25 kgs extra.

I know what you are thinking. You are wrong; I ate proper, walked daily, did yoga, worked till the night before A was born, breastfed. I Had a smooth n healthy journey. But I was 25 kgs heavier.

The Pain of not loosing the weight : Post pregnancy Woes

Last 2 years have been hell for me. I am a person who is as shallow as they come. I care about my looks. Kill me. I tried everything to loose this weight but it won’t budge. I left my city, my friends & a job which was the feather in my crown and moved to Delhi. It wasn’t pretty. I have gone through severe depression.

Love yourself First

But, somehow motherhood gave me the confidence which that thin pretty girl on the right never ever had. Truth is I started sharing my writing & my pics with the world when I was at my heaviest in my life. Motherhood made me realise that I am beautiful; irrespective of my size, & I am capable of much more than I give myself credit for.

Yes I met people who told me, “oh wow you have put on a lot of weight”. And I grinned back at them, “yeah I had a baby! What did you do?!” ?

It Doesn’t mean I haven’t gone through deep periods of self hate and judgement. Still do. But I also learnt to love me. I have the nicest man as my husband; it was not him, neither was it my family or friends. I am grateful to be surrounded by people who are gems. I haven’t gone through these blue thoughts because of them, but inspite of them. Not all mommies go through it, I know. But some of us do. We find the changes a little harder to handle than expected. We hate ourselves at times. But we also know that these moments are beautiful. Cherish yourself.

Weight loss through Keto Diet
Weight loss through Keto Diet
Weight loss through Keto Diet
Weight loss through Keto Diet

Setting up Goals right

Lastly I am seriously happy I found Keto and finally achieved Weight loss through Keto Diet . It has been 4 months almost and I am gonna stick to this. My goal is my Pre pregnancy weight and size and not my Pre marriage size. That was me in my prime. I don’t want to set unrealistic targets and loose hope. We shouldn’t do that. I feel happier, lighter and healthier and much more confident. More on Keto will keep coming, stay tuned on my journey as I love all the support and love you guys shower. ?

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Until Next time,

Lots of Love, Smita ?