Unboxing Growth with PediaSure Fun N Learn Box

Summer vacations as a child were the most waited time of the year. My mom won’t let us go out in the sweltering heat so we waited eagerly till it was evening and we could go out and play. But indoor play was equally important and enjoyable for us. There were books, board games, colouring, craft assignments, carrom, ludo.

Do you realise how different it is today for kids? They don’t have the freedom of playing outside and doing things on their own. Even with high security apartment complexes, they are still bound partly due to the overcrowded and unsafe environment and partly because of the phones and TVs available to them. Indoor play means playing with a tab in many cases.

Importance of family time in overall development

On top of it, being working parents, we get less time to spend with our son. Though I know that my son is engaged in creative and learning activities at his daycare we also want to engage him in creative, learning activities at home rather than giving him screen time.

Preparing these activities at home isn’t always possible for me due to time constraints. That’s the reason I ensure to buy activity based toys and tools for him always. It is fun to do these with him and it helps build his creativity. We also read together a lot. These things help us bond with him, while also helping to engage him constructively which is important for healthy growth of mind.

So I was very glad to find the new PediaSure which had come up with a new packaging box with a DIY learning activity inside!

Watch the whole activity and Unboxing here DIY Activity for Kids Pediasure Unbox Growth

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Health for Mind and Body 

The trusted health drink has now come up with a carton box packaging which can be used as a DIY activity. Doing this activity with my son has been a lot of fun and well spent family time.

The health drink now comes in a sealed pouch packed inside a paper carton box which needs to be cut open. There is a DIY activity inside which helps the child learn about his daily chores and routines in a fun and creative way. Using a pair of craft scissors and adult supervision, we cut out the shapes and stuck them on the given sheet. Baby A had a gala time and was so proud of his completed work.

Need for a Healthy Diet 

PediaSure is one of the most trusted nutritional drinks around. And since A is a fussy eater at times, I worry a lot about his nutritional needs. At times he eats well and at other times he refuses to finish his meals or won’t take a particular food item. Kids are moody and fussy about food thus it is important to find a solution which fills the nutritional gaps and is also tasty. PediaSure checks on both of these points as it is designed as per the growth needs of kids over the age of 2. It is a complete balanced drink which can

be given as a supplement alongside a well balanced diet to fill in the nutritional gaps in the diet.

Partner for both Fussy and Non Fussy Days 

Baby A had a cough a cold recently along with fever and has lost his appetite, last evening I prepared a healthy Chicken soup for him and although he generally loves soup, he refused it yesterday and won’t have even a spoon of it. But instead of getting hassled then, as I normally would, I didn’t try to pressurise him. I was not worried much as I gave him a glass of PediaSure and was relieved that his nutrition won’t be compromised on such days of missed meals.

It is also great as a supplemental drink and a snack on days when he does eat properly. Filled with nutrition and packed with taste, he loves the premium chocolate flavour; it is his fav snack now.

Health Friendly and Environment friendly

And now that PediaSure comes in a cartoon box in place of a plastic one, which can be used as a game, it’s environment friendly too! Growth bhi Fun bhi ?

I am glad as I am consciously trying to reduce plastic waste from my home and replacing with environment friendly options. Recycle and reuse!  #UnboxGrowth

Until Next time,

Love, Smita


. Please consult a doctor before starting any health supplement for your child

. This should not replace a well balanced diet but only aid as a supplement

. Not advisable for children under 2 years of age unless advised by a medical practitioner

. Though PediaSure approached me to review their product, the views and thoughts expressed here are my own