Hey Guys, I have been following the Keto Diet for some months now and have lost 12 kgs.  With my post pregnancy weight I was getting nowhere; even after trying hard with healthy eating & exercise. I knew I needed something different this time. My sister suggested the Ketogenic Diet  & I researched, read & decided I will give this a try. I am glad I did. Now I get a lot of questions due to the evident weight loss, so I keep sharing about my journey. Here are my Top 15 Ketogenic Diet Tips & Tricks for Beginners.

Is it an easy way out? No it’s not a magic trick

Nothing comes easy. It is a strict diet & It needs proper execution too. If the Keto diet is done wrongly it will do more harm than good. Done wrongly it will not correct the cravings or insulin works. It doesn’t have any cheat meal concept. A small helping of rice will kick you out of ketosis and it defeats the whole purpose of weeks of effort. It is not a yo yo diet; it’s a lifestyle. Commit to it only if you can. Many experts have discussed the ill effects of Yo Yoing on Keto diet. (Trust me, after the initial weeks, the cravings die, so it is very easy to control & not give in)

Here are my simple tips on how to start a Keto journey.

15 simple tips on How to start Keto diet

Even though it is a restrictive diet but lots of options for food are allowed and you never really feel like you are on a diet.

A lot of you have been asking me for meal plans. Thus I am sharing my Top 15 Ketogenic Diet Tips & Tricks for Beginners. Check my Keto Meal Plan for day here .

Please note I am not an expert, and this blog is as per my personal experience and journey. Always consult a proper doctor / nutritionist before starting any routine or diet.

The information about how to follow the Ketogenic Diet is available a plenty but it may be hard to find any sympathetic doctor or dietitian.  In the last 2 decades the whole outlook has been to fear fat and eat everything low fat; even if that means that we are eating highly processed or refined foods!

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So what is Keto? Top 15 Ketogenic Diet Tips & Tricks for Beginners

▪️Keto is a High Fat, moderate protein, no carbs Diet

▪️To loose weight in any diet one needs to be in calorie deficit by eating a little less than maintenance calories

▪️It is imp to track the macro nutrients ; carbs, proteins & fats; I use the My Fitness Pal app

▪️To be in Ketosis carbs should be less than 20 gms(default rule)

▪️This doesn’t mean that any carbs can be eaten if its within macros.

Grains, Legumes, Fruits aren’t Keto complaint foods. They shoot up the insulin levels. It will defeat the whole purpose of Keto diet which is to control the glucose spikes and crashes & it will cause cravings.

▪️Fats should be 70-75% of the calorie intake. Get that from good fats like Ghee, Avacado, Cheese, coconut oil, Meat, Poultry

Here are 2 of my favorite Keto recipes : Low Carb Keto Cauliflower Rice and Low Carb Ketogenic Dosa Recipe

▪️Initially just focus on what not to eat & eat all else till you are hungry

Later on you can start tracking calories

▪️ In each meal make Veggies in good fats as you did earlier just avoid carbs & have some protein meat/ eggs/ paneer

▪️ Eat whole foods; avoid all processed foods

▪️Don’t eat all the time, all day and don’t snack

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▪️Eliminate sugar & embrace Fats ; it may be hard in the beginning – go slow

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Here are a couple of things you should be careful of when starting the Keto Diet:

Top 15 Ketogenic Diet Tips & Tricks for Beginners

1▪️ Don’t start without researching

2▪️ Be prepared for the Keto Flu; read about it before hand

3▪️ Check for deficiencies

4▪️ Drink a lot water

5▪️ Have plenty of green vegetables

6▪️ Omega 3 is important so is Magnesium

7▪️ Protein intake depends on your physical activity

8▪️ You need support so don’t hide from anyone; why should you? You are trying to get healthy so please don’t be ashamed

9▪️ Be active; indulge in some sort of physical activity & exercise

10▪️ Target Fat loss not weight loss

11▪️ Take your supplements (only a medical practitioner should suggest these )

12▪️ Weight training is very important, focus on that

13▪️ Stick it out for the first few weeks; trust me then it gets so so easy. Hunger is controlled and cravings are zero

14▪️ Give yourself small goal of a week. Commit to that first week

15▪️ Be patient and consistent

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Hope this helps you to think about starting your own Ketogenic journey. Do give a read to all my blogs under the section Keto lifestyle on my page. And don’t forget to like and share this post if you found this article helpful. If you want to get all my posts whenever I write them, then please do follow me on Instagram The Average Mom

And yes , please note that you need to start any diet or regimen only after getting a clear from your medical practitioner and only if you don’t have any underlying health conditions. Please be careful and mindful of all facts.


Until Next Time.

Love 💖, Smita