Tips on #Workingfromhome during #Corona #lockdown
0 Tips for Working for Home During Lockdown
10 Tips for Working for Home During Lockdown
For me settling into the routine of #stayhomestaysafe & #workfromhome has been a learning.

Add to this that most of us Indian households are learning to survive without house helps. A salute to my friends living abroad who do this as a lifestyle; you guys rock.

It has been a challenge to learn to work from home while also handling household chores & it is quite back breaking. But we know that we are lucky to have a home to stay safe. When you realise how serious the problem is, then crying about trivial discomforts feels downright silly & selfish. Right?

I have never worked from home so I had to learn how to. Most of us have adjusted to this new #wayoflife by now. The best is the time we all are getting to spend with family. Truth is we didn’t have this luxury of unadulterated time. So here is what I learnt on How to mange Working From Home During Lockdown

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⭐️ Wear the BRA. YES. (yes I said Bra, women wear Bras, get over it already!) I am unfit to open doors when I am home on weekends. I tried the same thing when wfh, but soon realised that running around looking shabby makes me feel lazy & for some unknown reason the moment I put on my bra I feel like wonder woman ready take on the world. Basically, my bra is my sense of direction in life. (This may lead to a whole new post 😝). So now I get up & get into decent clothes first thing in the morning.

1 0 Tips for Working for Home During Lockdown
1 0 Tips for Working for Home During Lockdown

⭐️ Have a Designated Workspace

Don’t work from bed, I have never been able to do that & I think your work place shouldn’t be where you sleep. I need a place where I can sit straight & my feet touch the ground. I find working on a desk / table more conducive so I have fixed up a spot as my work space, it helps me stay focused & I am able to finish my work easily. .

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⭐️ Work in tandem with your Partner

Distribute the chores between your spouse & yourself so that you both can give time to office work.


How is the #wfhlife going? My weekdays were always packed. But now even with all the chores, home schooling, cooking & office work I am still able to spend some time in leisure.

To ensure that I am able to manage both office work & home time smoothly, I follow these simple things.

⭐️ Make a time table of your office work & House Chores

Set up a schedule & factor in your house chore, kids study time & do them accordingly. In the beginning when we started, I was all over the place. I tried doing both my office work & kids lesson together. I would keep worrying about his lessons while I was doing my work & made him sit and study while I was busy too. The result was that all of us were totally stressed. Now I set a time aside for his studies. I let him play while I work & then sit with him to finish his lessons only at a certain time. It’s so much easier that way. .

⭐️ Have a cut off & start time like office hours

It’s easy to keep working the whole day and at odd times as we are working from home. Plan your work for the day and Keep the laptop once you are done. Unless there is something really urgent, Don’t keep checking on work emails even after you have logged off.

⭐️ Don’t work continuously

I take small breaks, apart from my chores & family needs. I get up, relax a bit, do something around the house & then come back. This way I don’t feel dead tired at the end of the day.

⭐️ Stay Connected

Connect with colleagues to keep up the sense of a normal work day.

⭐️ Sleep on Time & Wake Up a bit early

I Wake up, do my early morning chores, have a cup of coffee & then start work. Waking up & opening your laptop right away just throws off the routine.

⭐️ Take It Easy

Relax if screen time is a lot more for all of you, these are tough times. what matters most is that we are safe. You are doing your best & that’s enough. Don’t burden yourself with too much & stop worrying.


⭐️ LAUGH. 💕


Stay safe

Love 💕 Smita

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