Here is a #facetransformation Pic. I know that the diff in the2 pics is not earth shattering. But it’s the diff in 4 months of Keto diet. The left one is carb face.

I have been successfully on Keto diet since 4 months and I lost 12 kgs. I get a lot of questions and am trying to answer the questions I get as per my learning. Here are my top 10 tips for a Keto Diet


1. What is Keto Diet?

Keto Diet is a high fat, moderate protein no carbs diet. It doesn’t mean that all I eat is meat & butter. It means 70% of my calorie comes from good unprocessed fat. Say, I have to eat 1500 calories then it should be from 117gfats, 94g protein, 20g net carbs.


2. Why I chose Keto Diet?

I have been careful about my health all my life. Working out & eating healthy. It wasn’t a task to remain fit. Until I had a baby! The post partum weight didn’t budge in last 2 years. I engaged Personal trainers for 3 days/week, did Zumba, ate low carb but zilch results. I was tired, hungry all the time. Finally someone suggested and  I tried Keto diet. And I am glad I did


3. Is Keto Diet for me?

Don’t do it unless you are fully confident. If eating mindfully works for you along with working out, do that. Some women loose all pregnancy weight easily! Each body is different.

Understand yours first; what it needs. Else you will find it hard to keep up. People have opinions; some will say just walk every day. Few will be shocked to hear you are eating fats to get slim. Some half done research will make you rethink. Don’t do that.

Read; be convinced about what your body needs. Convincing others is a much later part.


4. How do you loose weight on the Keto Diet?

Ketosis is the metabolic process when body starts burning fat for energy in place of glucose. This happens when you deplete all glucose in body. Sugar, carbs we eat turns to glucose; which is burned for energy normally. In Ketosis, the body use fats as energy & becomes fat burning or fat adapted.


5. How I am doing it so easily?

You mean apart from the fact that all my clothes are looser? I am able to stick to the Keto diet because I never feel hungry. I am not eating less. In fact I am eating way more (real)food  than I ever have. No restrictions.

I have no cravings & no sugar or energy crashes. I feel extremely energetic through the day. My blood insulin doesn’t go through spikes which cause the energy crashes & cause hunger.

Here are my 15 tips on how to start the Ketogenic diet for Beginners

6. Why is it easy to not cheat on the Keto Diet?

Earlier when faced with a choice to eat a piece of cake; I used to be mindful to take a small sliver & still ended up feeling guilty after eating it. Now I don’t have any temptation to eat anything sugary. THERE IS NO CRAVING. I am not trying hard. It is infact the easiest thing I have ever done to loose weight. True story. I get to eat good food & still loose weight. Common a chicken steak with loads of butter.

You can read here more about how Ketogenic Diet helped me to loose weight

7. My Keto Way of life

Yes, food is a major part of our life and carbs exist, so do I deprive myself completely? All my life? I Don’t know yet. As of know I have decided to do 3 months of Keto cycles. Take a break for a days or two & again Keto. This is my strategy for the present. Later I will decide what to do; once I reach my goal weight. I hope I will one day.

Here is a an example of a Basic Meal Plan for Keto

8. It is not a fad/ crash diet

Unlike some misinformed people will try to tell you, this is not a crash diet but a way of life. I am not trying to sell anything here. I want to share my journey (It’s in front of you; just scroll down my pics and you will know) so that someone may find it helpful. Not everything works for everyone becuase each body is different. I am sick of people saying stuff like eat healthy; i tried that but it didn’t work.

You don’t know my body & I am not asking you to do this. People who have never done it will have opinions based on half baked research. Only if someone does it then they become a convert. So Please read about this, be convinced before jumping in.

9. Final synopsis and the secret behind weight loss:

No diet or workout helps loose weight unless you are on calorie deficit. You have to eat less than your body’s calorie requirement. PERIOD.

The Ketogenic diet just makes it easier because Fats & Proteins are much more satiating than carbs. It also controls insulin spikes. So you don’t feel hungry & eat only as much as required. It’s way more easier to say no to a buffet when you are not feeling ravenously hungry.

10. Eat Healthy

Focus should be on loosing fat & not only weight & being healthy.

Staying away from sugars & processed food is the key to a healthy life in whatever diet you follow.

I will share more and more about my Keto way of life and tips. So stay tuned here.

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Until Next Time,


Love, Smita