How quickly the little ones are growing right? I am amazed every time I turn around and look at Aarash. My little baby is growing up so fast and becoming naughtier by the day.

It’s already the monsoon season – the season children are prone to fall sick often. Here are a few ways I have adopted to keep Aarash healthy and I am sharing these tips with you today.

Eat Right 

Make sure you give well cooked, warm homemade food to kids. Avoid outside food, especially during monsoons as the food may be contaminated with water borne infections. And you never know what type of water is being used to make the food. I also give my son boiled or filtered water only. When your child drinks water outside from open sources, it can cause a number of stomachrelated infections.

Immunity is a problem when your kids don’t eat the right food. When they are not getting enough vitamins and minerals, their immunity is down, and they are prone to fall sick more often. I found this video where they link eating the right food with immunity. Thought you might find it useful.

Clean Right 

It is very important that you maintain hygiene during monsoons as the water logging everywhere & muddy Streets make it easier for dirt and germs to be carried inside our home. Ensure that your kids wash their hands frequently and always wash hands before eating. If for some reason they are unable to wash with an antibacterial soap and water, then at least clean hands with a sanitizer. Use antibacterial and antifungal soaps and ensure that kids take a bath and dry themselves properly after. It is important to keep the body clean and dry to avoid skin rashes and infections.

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Play Right 

Don’t let kids play or go near places where there are mosquitoes without first applying a good mosquito repellent. 

Try to keep the house clean and dry. Check for water stagnation in your surroundings as this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Use appropriate nonslippery footwear during monsoons. In this way you can avoid getting hurt from slipping and falling on wet floors or grounds. 

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Cook It Right 

When you cook food in the right way, you can get the maximum nutritional value from it. Start by washing all vegetables and fruits thoroughly before cooking or eating. 

Next, do not eat cut fruits kept outside for long and avoid eating uncooked foods like salads during monsoons.

Avoid juices too,instead go for soups and stews as these are properly cooked.

Give well balanced nutritious food to your kids. Remember the food groups and try to give something from each. Include foods rich in Vit C as these helps increase immunity in kids.

Grow Right 

I also ensure to give my son PediaSure everyday as it is a complete balanced nutrition. It helps in boosting immunity in kids and provides the right ingredients for building health. My Pediatrician suggests giving him PediaSure every day to ensure that he receives 37 vital nutrients that are required for propergrowth at this age.

A well-balanced meal is important for height and weight gain and for proper brain development too. It is especially important that you meet your children’s daily protein goals with their diet.

I mix PediaSure with his milk daily and that is the one thing I know he is going to finish as he absolutely loves the chocolate flavor. 

So, this is my plan for my kiddo for eating and growing right for this monsoon season. You can also incorporate these Do’s and Don’ts in your home.

Ensure a proper diet, include a healthy supplement like the Pediatrician prescribed No. 1 PediaSure in your kid’s diet and keep the environment safe to ensure a safe and happy monsoon.


Disclaimer: This review is sponsored but the views expressed here are my own and as per my personal use. Please consult your medical supervisor before taking any supplement.