The #boyslockerroom again opened up the discussions highlighting the underlying disturbing mentality of a society which breeds r*** culture. It is horrifying to imagine that minor boys & girls are participants of such heinous discussions. Once again it exposes how we as a society have been raising men who are led to believe that they can take whatever they want, do whatever they feel like, even ‘joke’ about r***! It unnerves to read the conversations that were happening.

If you are unaware of this controversy, Google Bois Locker. A group of elite privileged young Delhi kids had a secret chat room where in they shared, dissected, morphed girls pictures (many underage ones too) and discussed and talked about things they would / could do to them. Going as far r***. They joked about molesting and r*****


In the after math of the exposé, what is more worrisome is that there are so many people who come out to defend the actions! The boys didn’t actually commit any crime, girls shouldn’t be exposing & the most popular “Boys will be Boys”. It’s sickening when you realise that there are so many voices justifying it.


Stop idolising #misogyny & breeding patriarchal thought under the garb of #boyswillbeboys

Women empowerment – How to raise compassionate boys who are true feminists

And yes the Good Men, please wake up & call this out. You are not part of this, you respect women. But you need to put a check to such unacceptable behaviour. These are not harmless jokes but red flags towards an underlying attitude of machismo. It is just these type of conversations which breed a sense of entitlement to dominate.

This is not about justifications! Just because someone is not a perpetrator you can’t deny that by being complacent you are actually normalising & encouraging r*** culture & woman bashing. When you hang around as a mute spectator or walk away from such uncomfortable conversations. You are endorsing it if you aren’t objecting to it. Men need to stop normalising such disturbing behaviour.

We need to talk because we can’t keep doing this to Nirbhaya to whom we can only apologise Dear Nirbhaya,


The whole story is yet to unfold & it looks like a rotten can of worms.


I will now ready for the troll & hate comments which start coming in anytime I put up anything challenging the deeply embedded exaggerated exaggerated masculinity , but it’s important to shout out against this.


Sad & Frightened,


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