Hey working mom, It’s ok to love both your job & family. It doesn’t mean you are a bad mom or that you love your child any less. You need to fulfil your dreams. .

Hey Stay at Home mom, it’s fine to take a break & take care of your family & kids. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have goals or you wasted them. You love nurturing your beautiful family.

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My dear working mom, don’t judge the SAHM. Sometimes all she craves for, is a break for a few minutes. A break where she can just have her coffee without having to take care of someone else’s needs. She is tired almost all the time. She misses adult conversations while cleaning the mess around the house which seems to keep coming back no matter how hard she tries. She wants to get dressed & feel pretty again without feeling guilty for getting some much needed care. She feels a pang of regret on days when she thinks of her past achievements & is faced with a loss of direction now. All her choices seem to be wrong that day.

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My dear SAHM, don’t judge the working mom who didn’t pitch in for the kid’s function last month. She is struggling hard to keep all the balls in the air. She smiles all day with a massive mom guilt . Sometimes she feels a pang of longing & wants to hold her little one close. She feels guilty when she sees the half eaten snack box coming back coz she knows, it’s only her who can ensure that the plate gets finished. She dies a little bit inside when she has to leave for work though her child is sick & needs those extra snuggles. All her choices seem to be wrong to her then.

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We all have more in common than we think. We are tired. We forgot to fill up the car over the weekend & got late on the morning school run. We are confounded by the unending piles of laundry. We want to sleep just a bit more. We want to loose those extra bulges. We longingly look at old photos with our happy faces sans the dark circles. We want to be carefree for one day. We love our family. We will do anything for our child. We live for the smiles. We are doing our best.

So let’s stop the judging for a little bit and try to give each some respect. We are all the best mothers to our kids and we are all the same. We are trying to find a balance and give the most that we can. Let’s stop judging each other and give each other the support that we need. The grass may always seem greener on the other side but it is not necessarily so. Everyone has their struggles. So Let’s fix the crown, the sash and the dress of other women. Let’s be friends.

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