This year’s AtoZ challenge saw a massive number of 33 ebooks published at one go by Blogchatter and the one I was most eager to pick up was author Roma Gupta Sinha’s love novella “ The Fragrance of True Love ”. Right through the challenge, I had been reading her daily posts which part by part revealed this romantic, soft and touching love story and once the whole book was out I was more than happy to read this story of eternal romance. Here is my review of The Fragrance of True Love

Roma is an author who writes from her heart; straight, as is evident from her writings and The Fragrance of True Love is one such offering from the author’s heart. It weaves the tale of two pure souls Priyam and Meer and their beautiful, soft, tender love story. If you are a romantic at heart like me, you are bound to fall in love with these two tender souls. You would fall and rise with their emotions, their feelings and their fight against odds as the enchanting tale of these two hearts moves forward.

Priyam is a gentle creature, beautiful, serene and someone to be revered, excellent in every possible way, but, she conceals some dark demons in her heart which had been chasing her since she was a child. The tale follows her and her heart and how she struggles with her emotions and also the trials and tribulations of her sweetheart Meer. Meer has his own struggles and how this fine young man tries to fight the ugly demons that keep rearing their heads in this beautiful love story is the base of the story.

Will Meer be finally able to defeat the darkness within Priyam’s heart with the light of his bright and pure love?

Author Roma definitely has the flair of weaving emotions and her words bring to life the two central characters in a very defined way. She is a story teller with the gift of writing and I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a good, romantic novel.

The novel also carries forward a very important message that children should not be exposed to any type of abuse or trauma during their innocent years as the scars formed during childhood, could potentially ruin their whole future.

Do read this amazing author’s book which is available for a download a copy herefree or Grab your copy from Amazon here .You can also buy a Hard copy of the book here

This year’s Blogchatter Ebook Carnival saw the publication of 33 ebooks at one go. I myself was fortunate enough to finish my book of short stories thanks to the #AtoZChallenge , read about  My Journey of becoming an Author here

Review of The Fragrance of True Love
Review of The Fragrance of True Love

                                                            Author Bio

Known to the world as Truly Yours Roma, the author Roma Gupta Sinha, has been scribbling her heart out on every little piece of paper she managed to grab, from the age of four. Otherwise a qualified techie with over ten years of

experience working all over the globe, she has a knack for telling stories, stories that touch and provoke your soul and stay in your hearts forever. She has been felicitated with numerous awards for her writings including ‘Women of the Year 2015’ and is often found weaving some inspirational words on her blog . She believes she is born for a purpose and yearns each day to be the face of positive change in the society she lives in.

This is her second book after her first release ‘Dare to Defy the Destiny’ last year did really well and her maiden attempt on a full-fledge novella. ‘The Fragrance of True Love’ is a soulful tale of two resonating hearts of Priyam and Meer who the author believes have been living in her mind for a long while and she is just a medium to tell their glorifying tale to the world.

                                                                                       Book Blurb

Priyam, an avid writer, is a girl who is haunted by her traumatic past but is determined to stay positive and works extremely hard to give herself and her family a happy and comfortable life. However, she is a lone traveller in her journey and she likes it that way. She has built strong walls around herself so that none can hurt her bruised heart ever again. But what happens when true love knocks at her door? Is she able to fight her inner demons and embrace life or she perishes unable to do away with her agonising past? Dive in to find out how Meer enters her heart in softest steps and what destiny has in store for the lovely duo.