As new age parents all of us spend half of our time running. Running to wake up early, get the kids ready, pack up the lunch boxes, make the coffee, get dressed, run to the car. Drop everyone off at designated places, all of it is done in a hurry. And though responsibilities are almost equally shared by both spouses nowadays,  yet you are really lucky if you ever manage to drink your coffee while it is still hot. I know I never mange to do so, neither does my hubby.  Thus I love to carry my coffee with me and have been doing it from a long time. Atleast I get to drink it in peace on my way or once I reach.  Thus I was more than happy when the cool and stylish Vaya Drynk flasks arrived at home. Now I can have my coffee Hot & in Style.

These sippers from Vaya India called Vaya Drynk are insulated and can keep any liquid hot for 8 hours and cold for 12 hours. So in these summers, it means that I get to carry my cold coffee from home and avoid the overly sugar loaded cold coffee from outside. These flaks are unique and innovative in design like all other Vaya India products. Do check their whole range of products at

I specially loved the design of Vaya Drynk which consists of two types of lids. I lid is a sipper lid and the other one comes with attached cups. So easy to carry around when you are out for a picnic or out for the day.

Here are a couple of cool features of the Vaya Drynk tumblers:

Features of Vaya Drynk:

  1. These are anti spill and its slim design makes it easy to hold onto and drink from even when travelling
  2. It has VacuTherm Insulation which keeps the liquid inside cold for 12 hrs and hot for 8 hours
  3. Comes with 2 lids; a Sipper Lid and a Gulper Lid attached with 2 glasses
  4. It is made from stainless steel and BPA free plastic material
  5. It is very wide rimmed thus very easy to clean
  6. Comes in 2 size variants 350 ml and 600 ml
  7. Although it is a flask it is not as heavy as traditional flasks and fits easily into my purse
  8. The lid is magnetic and thus there is no risk of it opening up and spilling inside your bag
  9. It comes with a 1 year warranty

Verdict for Vaya Drynk:

Now I have been using the Vaya Drynk flasks since these came and I promise you It is effective in maintain the temperature. I put my cold coffee in it the morning, along with ice cubes and drink it sometime in the evening maybe after 6-7 hours. And the ice cubes don’t even melt by that time. And the same with coffee it stays hot for a long long time. I have tested it.

On the design part I really like their stylish design and since I have been carrying it to office I have got some compliments for it. It is also very useful for carrying cold juices etc to the gym or when we go out. It has a cool design and I loved the Gold colour variant.

Availability & Price Of Vaya Drynk:

Available on Vaya India Sites  . The 350 ml Vaya DRYNK is priced at 1600/-

So get your Vaya India tumblers and sippers and lets flaunt some style with our coffee and conversations.

Disclaimer: These tumblers were sent by the company for review purposes and the views expressed here along with the review is my own after using these products.