Milkshake in a Straw – SipahhAs the name says, it truly is an Ahh! I just discovered the best and easiest way to make milkshakes and am going to share it with you.

Say hello to Sipahh! A unique milk flavoring straw from Australia, which has less than ½ tsp of sugar in each serving. All this time, I had been adding various milk flavoring powders to my milk to make it tasty and was consuming loads of sugar with it, now I can just use Sipahh instead. Amazing isn’t it?

Recently, I was sent this amazing box of milk flavoring straws in 5 different flavours and trust me I have been bowled over. It is tasty, healthy, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, with less than ½ tsp of sugar in each serving and is a super fun way to make milk interesting. AND, my baby absolutely loved it. He has been asking for ‘Malk’ ever since he had these. ?

What is it ? 

It is a straw filled with flavored beads. Each straw is filled with these colorful balls which imparts a unique flavor to your everyday milk and makes it tastier for your kids. As you sip, the pellets inside the straw dissolve and infuse a tasty flavor into your milk. Here are some of the things to note:

. The straws are filled with flavored beads

. These can be used with reduced fat dairy milk, soy milk or any other milk alternative

. These can be used with both room temperature and cold milk

. 250 ml serving of milk with this straw has less than ½ tsp of sugar

. It comes in various flavors; thus there is a whole variety of tastes to choose from, my personal favorite being Lamington Dreams

. All these flavors have a very subtle taste. They enhance and don’t overpower the taste of milk.

. Each straw is made of stiff plastic, with a mesh on both sides through which the milk passes.

. Each straw can be used one time only

.These are gluten-free

. Excellent for kids who may be fussy about drinking milk normally

. Adult supervision is recommended

What I liked best ? 

Apart from the fact that it makes the milk tasty and flavorsome without having to add the sugar loaded flavoring agents, there are a couple more things I liked.

  • It is so much easier and mess-free. No adding, swirling, or shaking it up in a blender. You can just plop the straw into the glass of milk for your child and sit back while they slurp up the milky goodness. Lazy Mom Win ?
  • It is lower in sugar than the other widely available ready-to-drink flavored milks and flavored syrups.
  • It is as flavorsome for an adult as for a kid, so yeah, even you can enjoy your glass of milk with some flavor without worrying about extra sugar.
  • Lastly, it is a milkshake in a straw, what more can I say? ?

My baby liked it so much that he did a little dance upon drinking it, and kept coming back for more. He kept saying ‘Nam Nam’, which means ‘super tasty’ in baby language.?

Here’s a link to the video I made of him drinking it :

So let your kids enjoy the Sipahh flavoured milk and let the goodness of milk fulfill their nutritional needs too.