Here is a review and picture of my recent puchases from  @carters from @firstcryindia. Two  sets  of 2 piece Top & Shortalls with dungaree style straps, and 2 tshirts, perfect for the summers and a very bright and cute prints. These pieces are Cotton & Machine Washable, I always prefer machine washables as I really hate the hassle of hand wash or dry cleaning required clothes and baby A’s clothes need a wash every time he wears them. 

The one pictured below is the Dark blue & Yellow 2 piece Top & Shortall

The top is very bright and adorable and the metal buttons on the shortalls look very good. The print is adorable with small airplanes on it. Both the dungarees are very easy to use as there are romper style buttons for a quick diaper change and you don’t have to open the whole dress for a diaper change. One of the reasons I avoid dungarees during travel or while going out is the problem of diaper change. But these two are pretty easy to use. And dungarees look so cute.

It is very comfortable too for baby A. 

I loved boths  sets and it looks adorable on baby 

⏺ Top 100% Cotton

⏺ Shortalls 100% Terry Cotton

⏺ Metal Buttons

⏺ Pants have romper style buttons for easy diaper change

⏺ Dungarees style straps

⏺ Machine Washable

The model was not very willing to pose as he had other things to do; namely chewing on bad quality plastic water bottles. The ones I have a habit of collecting whenever I fly or visit a hotel. I have quite a collection of such bottles. And baby A knows where they are kept and takes them out to chew on regularly, as he has yanked off that drawer’s child latch already. Featured here are two such bottles; One is from Madarin Hotel Singapore another one is from the closed Kingfisher Airlines i think ?. Well, from ensuring that I only use BPA free containers for him; when at all i have to use them, to not caring if he eats crap as long as it is not actual crap. I am rocking my average mom journey. Parenting fail ?

Along with these I also bought two t shirts for the tiny tyke. Both cotton and have very cute designs.

The material is very good on both and these two are machine washable too.

It is really hard for me to buy cute clothes for baby A, not many brands cater to this need, whereas it is pretty easy to buy clothes for girls. Carter’s is thus my highly favourite brand given that it has a lot of adorable designs and their quality is superb. 

Nothing but the best for the baby, right? Also keep a lookout for discounts, I bought these from with a pretty decent discount. Carter’s is available on Firstcry site