Baby A had his first solid food at 7 months when we had the ceremony of his ‘annaprasan’ or ‘Mukhjhutti’ . He had his first tooth also in the same month. In fact 4 teeth came out at the same time and he had the perfect bunny teeth. Well as soon as the teeth came in and he started moving onto solid food gradually; I started worrying about keeping his teeth clean. And now I have moved on to one of the best Flouride free toothpastes. Here is my review of Mamaearth Berry Blast toothpaste.

How to care for oral Health

Tips to make brushing Fun:

1. When he was smaller, I used to clean his teeth with a soaked muslin cloth. It was a tough job because he was under the impression that I wanted him to bite my finger and thus was putting my finger inside his mouth. It’s hard explaining stuff to a baby who doesn’t talk ??‍♀️. He would bite and I will scream and he would think it was funny and that mama is playing a game. Needless to say brushing wasn’t very successful in those days.

2. Once he started walking and started doing things on his own, I started brushing with him. I would sit him on the sink counter and give him his brush. Seeing me brush he would take up his brush and try to do it on his own. This formula worked quite well for some time.

Tip: I bought a Car shaped brush for him. And kept 2/3 colours of it. So each day was a new colour car day. I would ask him to choose which brush he wanted to use. This made him interested and eager to brush. Kept him hooked for some time.

3. Now that he is a toddler, things have changed. A simple car brush is not of interest to him anymore. Neither is he interested in seeing us brush anymore. Toddlers are very moody ( ask me about it ?) and one thing he is learning is how to say ‘No’. So brushing times meant a lot of tantrums and fights. ( fights which parents invariably loose) So, now we have employed a different tactic; we tell him that there are bugs in his mouth. The moment he wakes up tall A and me make a lot of hue and cry about how he has a blue coloured bug ? in his mouth and he needs to vanquish it.

Out come Capt America and Spider-Man, his current favs and then starts the Dishum Dishum with the bugs. He knows he can beat the bugs with his big boy brush and his Mamaearth Berry Blast toothpaste.

Check the link here for the brush we use :

Tips for Oral Health:

1. Start taking care of baby’s teeth from the beginning. Use a wash cloth to clean the gums and teeth of an infant after every feed. Once you start using toothbrush, use a pea size amount of Non Flouride toothpaste to brush twice.

2. Let your kids eat more of fruits and vegetables and less of sugary treats and candies.

3. Keep them away from Sodas and packaged juices , this is not only for dental but for general health too

4. Brush and Floss with them twice a day. Let them do it themselves first and then you can help them do it.

5. Cavities can develop when foods containing sugar stay in the mouth for long. Saliva washes away the acid but eating several times will not let the saliva do that. Make it a habit that they don’t munch on food all day long

6. Have at-least one Dental check up every year or as advised

The toothpaste we use is Mamaearth Berry Blast toothpaste. Here are some of its features:

1. Flouride free and it can be eaten. Yes, Coz that is what baby A does. He eats up a good amount of the paste and by the time he spits, half the paste is inside his tummy already. Since it doesn’t have Flouride it is safe even if ingested.

2. Made with Xylitol, Aloe and Stevia. Did you know that Stevia & Xylitol are natural leaf based sweeteners? I have been using Stevia and Xylitol as the sweetners at our home too.

3. It is SLS Free

4. Removes Plaque

5. 100% natural and Toxin Free

6. Removes plaque effectively

7. Comes in a berry tasty flavour

Th toothpaste is available in 50gm packs at 149 INR and is available on First Cry, Amazon & Mamaearth website

So while we are busy eating our toothpaste here Happy Brushing yo you guys.

Until next time Love, Smita