The product I am talking about today is extremely important for women’s health and hygiene. I think all women should use a safe and mild intimate wash as it can prevent one from infections and help maintain health & hygiene. It becomes specially important during pregnancy as the hormonal changes that a body goes through may lead to excessive discharge or irritation or chances of infection during the period. It is thus a good thing to know that Himalaya range for mothers has come up with the Himalaya Intimate Wash and Intimate Wipes for mothers. Today I am sharing my review for the Himalaya Intimate Wash for Moms.

Why should we use an intimate wash

Personal vaginal  hygiene is probably the most important thing to take care of. Keeping your intimate area clean and dry and avoiding any infection is a must.

  • A mild intimate wash helps achieve this as it helps in keeping the intimate parts clean and fresh.
  • It prevents itching or dryness caused due to discharge.
  • It helps maintain the acidic PH balance in the area.
  • It keeps infections at bay by maintaining hygiene.
  • It helps us feel fresh and confident in our day to day life.

About the Product Himalaya Intimate Wash

Himalaya has launched its mom care range which includes many products aimed at the wellness and health of new moms and moms to be. The intimate wash is one such product.

During pregnancy the intimate area is prone to excessive vaginal discharge due to the various hormonal changes. This could cause itching, irritation & discomfort.

It is important to maintain the acidic PH balance of the intimate area. Using a soap is not a good idea as soaps are alkaline in nature and thus disturb the PH Balance. Soaps can be too harsh for use.

Himalaya Intimate Wash for Moms has been specially formulated to take care of women’s hygiene during and after pregnancy.

Benefits of Himalaya Intimate Wash

  • Cleans excessive vaginaldischarge.
  • Maintains the PH balance between 3.5 to 4.5
  • Removes odor and itching.
  • Keeps feeling fresh and confident.
  • It has anti-fungal properties which help in maintaining hygiene natutrally.
Review Himalaya for Moms Intimate Wash
Review Himalaya for Moms Intimate Wash

Product size and Price

It comes in a bottle with a green flip cap for size 100 ml priced at 125/-

My Experience with Himalaya Intimate Wash

I have been using an intimate wash regularly and specially after becoming a mom as the body undergoes changes. Though I am not a new mom right now but an early case of infection which happened when I was a teenager had taught me how important it is to take care of personal hygiene, especially while travelling when one can end up with an infection easily due to using public restrooms.

  • The intimate wash is mild and doesn’t lead to dryness or itchiness caused by soaps.
  • It also smells very nice and slightly floral.
  • It lathers well and feels very clean after use.
  • The product bottle is easy enough to use.
  • A coin sized amount is sufficient for use.
  • I use it once or twice a day and it keeps me feeling very fresh and clean all day.

I really loved this intimate wash as it keeps me feeling fresh all day and also helps maintain the pH balance. So here are the Pros of Himalaya Intimate wash as per me.

Pros of Himalaya Intimate wash

  • Helps maintain intimate cleanliness.
  • Helps maintain vaginal PH balance.
  • Keeps one feeling squeaky clean.
  • Smells Nice.
  • Lathers well.
  • Prevents itching and odors.
  • Is anti fungal thus prevents infections.
  • Controls excessive discharge.
  • Helps feel fresh all day which keeps one confident.
  • Decently priced and very affordable.

So, yes my vote is a full yes for this Intimate wash.  I would definitely recommend all women to use this and make it a part of their personal hygiene Kit.

Until Next time,

Love , Smita

Disclaimer: This review is sponsored but the views expressed here are my own and as per my personal use.