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As you all know by now that I am on this journey to incorporate as much variety as possible in my little one’s plate and in the meantime keep it as healthy and far away from processed food as possible. The main problem with a toddler’s meal is that they loose interest very very soon. He may like something one day and completely reject it the next day. Well it kinda makes sense to me, they also like variety. So here comes the catch,  to keep those little taste buds interested yoy have to try and create as many different combinations as possible for them. So is this attempt of mine to create as many tastes as possible and keep it as healthy as possible for my toddler.

At the same time, with a toddler around, who thinks that whenver mommy is in the kitchen he should hang on her legs. Cooking elaborate meals is out of the question. Those only happen when hubby is on full baby duty. Else I am always trying to put something together as quickly as possible. It is pretty hard to try and cook with a toddler either hanging onto your legs or trying to pull out and scatter all pots and pans and grocery boxes available. It is a constant battle with him trying to empty something or the other onto the floor, and me snatching it out of his hands. And whoever said that chores could be finished while the baby naps needs to meet my baby. Or get kicked by me, if they dare say this in front of me. My baby naps for 45 mins in a day, if at all. What the hell am I supposed to achieve in that time frame!!! Who am I freaking Super Woman? I spend that time felling jet lagged , you know, recovering from baby duty run. And I don’t have a time turner either. Sucks. So yeah I will stick to these easy peasy recipes for the time being.

One of the best snack time meals or even dinner time meals is soup. I find that I can add so many good ingredients in a soup and it turns out so yummy too. Also, more often than not the soups I make  turn into the dinner for the whole family and not only baby. 

Below is my recipe for a carrot Spinach  soup which is extremely tasty. It is not very filling though as my earlier mushroom soup recipe so, you may want to add some crackers as a side dish for the baby. And some bread rolls for the adults. Last time I soft boiled some eggs on the side along with these and it turned into a full meal with the soup. For the baby I only gave him one egg as I am yet to give him any more than that in a day.

This is a very tasty and healthy soup. The recipe is as below:

Prep time : 10 mins

Cooking time : 20 mins 


1 cup Carrot; cubed 

1 cup Baby Spinach; shredded

2 stalks of spring onion; chopped finely

1 cup whole milk / fresh coconut milk

8 Garlic cloves; finely chopped 

Salt to taste

Saute the garlic in 1 tsp of olive oil 

Add the spring onion bulbs

Add the carrots and spinach

Cook for 3 mins 

Transfer to a pressure cooker or a wide bottomed pan and boil till the veggies are competely cooked 

Take off heat, strain the veggies and transfer to a blender 

Retain the water

Blend the veggies 

Now transfer to a wide bottomed pan or to the same vessel you boiled the veggies in and add the milk or the coconut milk

Both work well, I use whatever is available with me at the moment

Sprinkle a pinch of salt, chopped spring onion leaves 

Keep on heat for another minute and then take off

Done! Serve warm to baby, you can choose to add a dollop of butter too

I do that and sprinkle a bit of pepper powder for the adults (us)

Yummy in my tummy ? 

Simple as anything yet tasty. Yay! three cheers  for this one. Another win 

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