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After having a baby, travelling becomes quite different. It is one thing taking care of bub at home, but when you are out on the road, it becomes a lot more challenging. You have to be prepared and plan before venturing out of the home with baby.

New parents seem to carry around their whole house with them when they head out of the house. Same is the case with us. Even a trip to the supermarket means we pack the way Noah may have packed supplies for his arc. Diapers, sanitisers, hot water, sippers, bottles, wash clothes, change of clothes etc etc.

But the most important of all is the food for the baby. As long as baby A was breastfed this was not a problem, as I myself was food, thank you. So, we were set in that area. But post 6 months, once he started solids, going out meant that we had to have baby’s food prepared and ready before we leave the house. Walking out of the house with the baby, to even have dinner was not that easy anymore.

As a personal choice, we decided against giving him any instant infant cereals, not that there is any harm in it, but we wanted to give him only normal home food. Also any infant cereal has a lot of added sugar etc which I want to avoid as much as possible.

So I always carry my Philips Blender and Steamer for baby food . It is quite easy to carry along and i just pop the vegetables with some cooked rice or some fruits in it and it steams and blends within 20 mins. Thus, even when we were staying at any hotel, i just had to ask for boiled rice, fresh fruits and veggies could be bought at any nearest store and I was set with baby’s food. This way I have been able to avoid giving any prepackaged or instant food to baby.

But, this time we planned for a long road journey and this got me a lot worried as without a decent stoppage, using the blender was not possible. Since it was a long journey, carrying all his meals, prepared from home, was also not a possibility. Small A is now almost eating what we eat but still we could not hope to give him the roadside hotel food. I knew that once we reach our destination, I could ask the hotel staff to make plain Rice and pulses porridge ( Khichdi) for him and that would be enough along with whatever food he eats with us.

The problem was the road journey and his three meals en route.

That is when this idea came to me and I am glad it worked. I ground muesli into a powder and used this as an instant cereal for him. I buy only plain muesli with no added sugars which has oats, millets, raisins, dried nuts, dried fruits and grains. It is less on added artificial sugars than other cereals.

We carried this mix along and also boiled milk in bottle in the ice box.

Wherever we stopped I just had to ask the restaurant staff to warm up the milk, mix it in my instant muesli mix, leave covered for a couple of minutes and voila! Meal was ready. Small A enjoyed it and ate it thankfully.

This made our life so much more easier, only it is a bit husky in taste, wish I could change that, but it tastes good and is very filling too. So there you go, do give this a try when you have to travel and need to have baby food handy which doesn’t need cooking.

Also, whenever travelling with baby, do keep a lot of snacks handy. Homemade cookies, bananas, etc are a few options which you can keep in your hand bag.

Hope this helps you while travelling.