I am an amateur first time author, and I blog at The Average Mom . I have recently published my first book of short stories; a collection of 26 Fiction Short stories centered around social issues. My first ever published work as an author
About my Book :  “26 words – A to Z of Short Stories” is a collection of 26 short stories on topics of social issues. Each story revolves around a word which starts with a letter of the alphabet and a social issue which begins with the same letter. It is my first ever attempt at writing and I feel strongly about each one of the topics chosen in my tales. My attempt is to speak up about these topics and bring them to notice.  We as a race have a lot to learn yet and it is still a long way to make our society as perfect as desired.  And the only way to achieve this will be by bringing the change ourselves. These tales of fiction are just a look at some of the problems that are entwined in our lives today.
This book is my maiden venture and my stories deals with the various social issues that plague our society today.  I will love to hear your thoughts and feedback on my work . Please do share your valuable thoughts and comments and suggestions.
The book is available on Amazon and is currently on a free download promotion on Kindle too. The link to the book is here below :
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Amazon links :
“26 Words : A to Z of Short Stories”  (Link for any e-reader or desktop or laptop or mobile phone)
“26 Words : A to Z of Short Stories” (Link for Kindle Readers )
It was the month of April 2017 when I started and finished my first book, yes I did it in a month. I have written down the story of how I wrote my first book and my journey of becoming an author here How I came to write my first ever book of Short Stories and became a published Author #BlogchatterEbook
It is also available for free download at Blog chatter’s site; here is the link for free download: Blogchatter Ebook Carnival
Please download from the link above.
And do leave me a feedback if you like my reading my book and have any thoughts or suggestions for me.
Take care and keep writing and reading