Being working parents, weekends are family time for us. Last Sunday, while we were lazing around at home, my husband started going through our old photos stored on Google Drive and we both got into seeing the old photos of baby A from his first year. He looked so cuddly and cute and every time I see those pictures, I can’t stop myself from feeling emotional. We couldn’t help noticing how chubby he used to look. Though, he always has been on the leaner side and was never a chubby baby, he definitely looked heavier than he does now, at 3 years old. And the funny thing is we used to feel he was too thin even then. We kept pestering our Pediatrician to help us with some magic solution.  Our doctor always brushed aside our baseless concerns; I am sure he has his fair share of over concerned and unnecessarily worried new parents.

Proper nutrition is required for proper growth

So yeah, what I am trying to say is that more often than not, all parents tend to over-worry and be concerned about their child’s development and how can we can ensure our children grow right.

It can’t be helped, after all, being a worried cuckoo is the first step of initiation into the realm of motherhood.

The best moments of Motherhood

How to combat fussy eating

Mostly kids do eat as much as they need and seldom go hungry. Our Pediatrician rightly has advised us, not to give food continuously. I will tell you what happened here. My son spends five days at the daycare, so we used to try and feed him all things possible on the weekends and overcompensate. On top of that, weekends are generally about family time or going out and our son would eat outside too. We tried to feed him fruits, homemade goodies, breakfast, lunch, snacks; with my misguided attempts at trying to fill his nutritional needs with appropriate foods. Of course, he refused half of it. Now we don’t do that anymore. A child will eat only when he is hungry.

Is your child getting the proper nutrition required for proper growth?

So now we don’t try to over stuff him and he does finish his food. But even then, he is a toddler, and is very picky & unpredictable.

Just yesterday, I had made my special fish curry, Doi Machh, (Fish in a creamy yoghurt gravy). My Father In law was visiting and he loves fish. Baby A was excited to eat the fish but just as we started eating, he started to demand chicken.

Another drama then ensued, with me somehow convincing him that it was chicken that he was eating.

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Toddlers I tell you!

They can be choosy and picky one moment and extra good the next. And that is the reason, nowadays, I am totally happy that I give him Pediasure daily. At least now I am at peace that even if on some days he is not eating properly, I can mix Pediasure with his milk and in this way he gets the 37 vital nutrients that are required for growth at this age.

The fact is, even if the kids are eating till they are full, it is not necessarily true that they are filling up their tummies with foods that are nutrient dense.

A well balanced meal is very important
As a parent, we try to ensure that they get a balanced diet which is very important. There are certain vital nutrients that are necessary for growth in the early years of a child.
A well-balanced meal ensures that proper height and weight gain happens and it is very important for brain development too. It is especially important that the protein goals are met daily with the diet.

That’s why I ensure that I mix Pediasure with his milk daily and as he loves the taste of milk and Pediasure. He always finishes that.

Benefits of Pediasure

  • Pediasure is packed with 37 vital nutrients which are necessary for growth.
  • It supports height & weight gain
  • It aids in brain development by providing the nutritional requirements.
  • It is high quality protein and supports bone growth
  • Children show visible growth in 90 days.

I am glad that my doctor suggested this drink for my son. I want to ensure that he gets a proper well-balanced diet and eats foods that are nutrient rich. That is why Pediasure is now part of his daily diet. After all a well-balanced diet is the cornerstone of a healthy and happy future.

Until Next time,

Take care, Love, Smita

Disclaimer: This review is sponsored but the views expressed here are my own and as per my personal use. Please consult your medical supervisor before taking any supplement