Spring comes ???.

Bright, beautiful and with a sprinkle of love.

Unlike its charming and sophisticated sister Autumn ?, spring is young, a bit naive and dramatically colourful.

Some would say she is a bit over the top.

Her joie de vivre bursting and brimming over.

Ignorant in her blissful existence; almost stupid in the matters of the heart.


Oh the charms of not being scared of heartbreaks and to be able to get lost with no sense of direction.


Yellow, the brightest of colours, challenging even the daring Red with its exuberance. Yellow, the colour of spring, of new life and hopes.


Happy Saraswati Puja friends. Do you know this is also the unofficial Valentines Day for us Bengalis. At least for the young ones ?. I remember being so excited as a kid on this day. The festival brings back beautiful colours and memories.

This day is filled with colour and fun.

Vibrantly visible in the Saraswati Puja pandals which are totally unassuming compared to their counterparts, the extravagant Durga Puja pandals. This festival is for the kids.

Young girls dressed up in borrowed yellow yards, draped with a coyness which is innocent in its purity. Young boys trying to look dapper and all worldly in their crisp cotton Kurtas.


Young love, shy and insecure. Presumed to be hidden in covert glances and unplanned giggles. But visible to all.


Ah! The charms of Spring and how we wish that it stays in our life forever.


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