Dear Nirbhaya,

It is a new day today. You are not here to see this new ray of sunshine which has the fragrance of justice entwined in it. You can not feel the beautiful air which comes and knocks at the window with a sense of victory; albeit a much delayed one. The tears that had flown from the eyes of a nation could not wash the wounds on your body. The pain that you braved alone brought a country to its knees and showed them the fragility of life in the face of barbaric inhumanity.


We, your sisters had winced in pain at each bruise that you suffered. We had felt the agony of each gash on your body as you had battled on for those 13 days. Every girl in this country had been marked by those lacerations on your beautiful body. Every woman in this country had been fighting as you hung on to each breath braveheart. And then each one of us died a little with you.


Each time they asked why were you out so late, it was brought to light how a woman’s life was a mere symbol of the sick misogyny of this world. Each time they analysed how this could have happened, it was a mockery on the face of a non existent freedom.


But today the sun rose and it’s rays dried up some of those tears which were long forgotten. Today the winds blew away some of the pain that aches within. Today we can finally let go of you dear girl, and hope that you are someplace where it doesn’t hurt you anymore. Where you wake up and smile with the sunshine, with peace, with freedom and with justice.

Be happy wherever you are Jyoti. RIP.


Every Indian woman.

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