Being a First time mom is an experience that no one can explain fully in words. It is a beautiful journey which is understood only when undertaken. I remember reading about becoming a mother when I found out that I was pregnant but nothing could prepare me for the journey that ensued. From being utterly blissful to extremely overwhelming at times;the journey of being a first time mom has been an experience. #firsttimemom

There are so many things that you experience for the first time and each one leaves you amazed. It may be due to the hormones or maybe that the strongest bond in the world is that of a mother and child but each new experience is felt so strongly.  Every emotion related to being a parent is so strong; be it that first ultrasound picture, the first kick that you felt, or seeing and holding your baby for the first time. Each one gets etched forever in your memory.

My journey as a First time mom

Same was with me. I can still remember the day when I listened to my son’s heartbeat for the first time. Or the day when I first felt him kick. But the one emotion that stands over and above all is the minute I saw him for the first time after birth and he was put on my chest. Even though I was extremely tired with the exhaustion that comes with so much pushing during natural birth; moreover I wasn’t given an epidural either. So the pain was quite something; thankfully my labour was short.

But even with being so exhausted; I can remember each and every detail of seeing our son for the first time. I can still feel the touch of his skin on mine and how that tiny bundle was cuddled up on me and within seconds he started crawling slowly towards my chest and started feeding on his own.

It was magical and amazing to watch. The tiny bundle who couldn’t even open his eyes, was still curled up and was feeding comfortably on its own as if he knew what to do and had been doing it since forever!

And then in a minute he fell back asleep. His face was the most beautiful and peaceful thing I had ever seen. In that moment I felt the most powerful emotions I had ever experienced.

First time mom MotherSparsh water wipes

This is how powerful and magical the journey is and so as a parent we want to find only the best and most safest things to be used around our child. We as parents did the same, researched every product thoroughly before using them. But what I missed on my research was that the wipes that we used were actually made of polyester. In fact most of the wipes available in the market are made of polyester!

It was not until I came to know about MotherSparsh #firstwaterwipes that I became aware of this. 

About MotherSparsh Water Wipes

1. Mothersparsh water based wipes are made with 98% water and plant based fabric and are thus extremely gentle on a baby’s soft skin.

2. These wipes do not have any polyester or plastic content and are completely water based.

3. These are very mildly fragrant and do not have any soap residue.

4. Since they are made up of only water, thus these wipes are as gentle as cotton cloth and water on baby’s skin.

5. Any polyester based wipe has a high chance of causing rashes on a baby’s gentle skin. But Mother sparsh wipes are safe and gentle.

6. Mothersparsh wipes are bio degradable too and have been dermatologically tested thus assuring a new mom of her child’s safety as well as taking care of the environment. Since we all are consistently trying to reduce plastic waste; thus these water and plant based wipes are an perfect answer.

Price Point:

Mothersparsh wipes are also very pocket friendly at 185 Rs for a packet of 80 wipes. So, aren’t these the perfect companion  for a first time mom on her first time motherhood journey.

This blog has been Sponsored by Mothersparsh though the views expressed are of my own.

 until next time,

Take care, Smita