Wow, there goes another public figure falling on their face with their words. Excerpts of her interview are in the link below by Vagabomb. She said that she chose to stay at home after baby, because she does not treat her baby as a puppy. I agree that everyone should have the option to voice out their opinions, but shaming working women in a such a passive aggressive manner, because they have a different view point, is quite irritating. Wow Mrs Mira Kapoor, just wow. 
Where should I start? You say that we should stop shaming women for their choices; whether they choose to stay at home or to go back to work and then you go right ahead and shame working women by saying that they treat their kids as puppies!!! It is an offence to puppies, women and babies, all in the same breath. Who gave you the authority to judge a woman for her choices? It is this attitude of your’s that divides women into categories and works directly against the support system that needs to be built among women. You yourself sitting at a position of privilege, tout these theories without an iota of actual knowledge about how women all around the world actually live. You are not aware of the simple fact that the struggle is real for any woman, be it a working woman or be it a stay at home mother. Every woman makes a choice based on her special circumstances and her own life, every woman has her own wishes and knows what is best for her family. And then there are also those who are not as fortunate enough as you, to even make the choice they want to. Some have to go work, because they need to, even if they don’t want to. And some have to stay at home, even when they want to go back, because they may not have a proper support system. Nonetheless, all these women are great mothers and you have no authority to pass judgement on them from your highly privileged chair. Stop looking down at other women. 

And, by the way, why should a woman not be aggressive? You know what, women can be loud, demanding, aggressive, dominating if they want to. Yes they can voice their opinion in any which way they want( like you just did). They can make their own choices, and it may be the opposite of the popular traditions and ideals as you call it, but it does not make them a Nazi. 

Yes a woman can change tyres, parallel park, burp, scratch, be loud, run without a care, be soft spoken, sit with her legs crossed in public, or sit spread legged if she wants. She can work in a night shift, or be a home maker. She can travel alone, she can go on vacations with her full extended family. Respect her for her choices please, this is a request to people like you. Stop asking women to behave like a ‘woman’. Let her choose what the definition of being a woman is. 

Lastly, please get a puppy, you have a completely screwed up notion of what entails in bringing up a puppy, and you need to learn about that too.

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