Decorating your home with DIY items is best of both worlds. You get to decorate as you please and it is at practically no cost. DIY also means that you are able to capture a lot of your personality and showcase it. Your craft is bound to show your personality through its expression and it is awesome to be able to decorate your home, a place which is your haven, with it. Recently when doing my baby’s room I went completely with DIY, as he is very young right now, thus there is no actual need to a study table or bed in here. It is more of a play room for him, thus I was able to decorate it like this. Maybe we will have to redo this and bring in furniture etc as he grows and needs those. Right now this play area seems perfect for him, and he actually spends hours in here. 

Here below are few of the things I made for his room.

These photo danglers for his wall:

I made this dangler as this enables me to cherish and showcase the 1st year of baby’s life. Babies grow so fast in the 1st year that you can almost see them changing every week. Capturing these beautiful moments is so important. I really wanted to have a keepsake of these moments. Thus I made this, below is the how to: 

I chose 2 photos for each month of his 1st year and printed these on glossy photo paper.

 Next I printed month numbers, eg images with the numbers 1 month, 2 month written on it. You can make this easily on word doc too  just use a big happy font. You can use images of cartoons or trains or cars etc.

Print this and cut it out and paste it on top of a cardboard sheet. Cut off the excess from the edges.

Next take some glitter paper and laminate sheets. 

Paste the photo one by one on a cardboard sheet using a glue gun. Leave 1 inch border around each photo and cut the cardboard sheet accordingly. Now you should have 12 photos pasted separately on carboard sheets.

Next,  put the laminate sheet on each photo sheet and cut as per size. The laminate should cover the sides too. 
Now, cut thin strips out of glitter paper and paste them on the 4 sides of the photo covering up the carboard which you have used as background. It should look like this ??

Next cut 12 squares of the size of the photos out of white or any light coloured chart paper, you can use white glitter paper too, to make it look fancier.

Now write down the babies’s milestones of each month on one square each

Next take a punching machine and punch holes on the top border and bottom border of each photo, the milestone message square and the month image.

Take a broad satin ribbon and tie up the month number, the photos, and the squares on which you have written the milestone in a way that they hang below one another. Like this??

You can choose to add more squares if you want to add some more lines. 

Now take another long ribbon, punch two holes on both sides of the top of the 1st square and weave the ribbon through as shown above. This way your danglers will remain steady. 

Start with the 1st month and continue till 12 months. You can add stickers, stars etc wherever you want and decorate it. 

Thats it, now hang this keepsake where you can see it when you want. And get to cherish the beautiful moments of your baby growing up. 

For the shelf below ??, I used cardboard boxes/ packing boxes ?. Cut out one side of each, and cover with colourful paper or plastic paper which will be more durable. 

Stack these as shown below and hot glue the sides together.

I also used round cylinders ( also cardboard) to reinforce the boxes and to prevent them from sagging as cardboard will sag after some time. 

This project will actually be a lot more durable if you are able to use wodden crates but as I did not have those I used cardboard.

Do not over stack them as the cardboard will not be able to bear the weight.

These make a perfect open storage for baby’s toys in his room.

I made two of these and also use one as a book shelf. These are vibrant, useful as a storage and quite cute.

And did not cost me anything as I had the packing boxes available at home. I only had to buy paper for this, and a cute storage was ready ?.

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