As a person with a serious need for having everything around me organised and properly categorised, the one thing that has become a nightmare for me is the mammoth collection of photos on my phone and laptop. Truth is since the baby, my already crazy photo clicking habit has taken on more frenzied proportions, I mean I have actually even clicked poop photos so that I could show it to the paed.

We have become so obsessed with clicking and storing away every moment that now, I have no idea how many moments I actually have captured. I sometimes tell myself that One day I will sit down and organise the said photos, make albums and such. But the sheer volume of my digital library scares me. I mean at last check I had 16k photos only on my laptop and God knows how many on cloud drive or my phone. 

Guess I will need a magic wand if I want to actually sort these. So well when I do want to see a memory or event I go to my face book albums ???. At least those have some sense of order and category but in my phone I have no idea where they are. And me being an impatient person as well, get tired of scrolling through the thousands of photos. 

So, well this is the new problem that we have devised for ourselves. Clicking too many photos. Being too busy clicking them and too busy to be able to sort them or even look through them at times.

But it still makes me so happy when I see printed pictures. I did get off my lazy butt and sorted through the pictures to be able to print a large number. And framed them actually. Now they are adorning the walls and the fridge and the cabinets and I get to see them every day. Awesome. I ordered a few prints of the baby and daddy Big A and framed them and gave to Big A on father’s day. And also made many danglers on baby A’s birthday with pictures from each month of his first year. Yay for me. Here ??

But yeah, still need to actually categorise the photos and store them someplace. Just going through them and printing a few took me days.

Ahh! the problems of the digital age. WellI guess   there is no way out of it either. And we are destined to keep waddling through our huge photo seas ?. Que serà serà.