People post cute pictures of babies, coz they have cute babies.I don’t have that, I have black eyed peas… We had an appointment at 11:45 AM so I gave him a massage, bathed him, dressed him and had him shiny and sparkling by 11:00. Then I rushed to change myself, I had taken a bath early morning before he woke up coz well, he does not let me leave him alone and take a bath, cries his lungs out. So yeah I roam around dirty and smelly most days, that is motherhood for me. Anyway, rookie mistake, in my hurry, I left his toiletries basket in front of him and went to another room. And this is what happens in exactly 2 mins. 

Needless to say we did not reach there in time. I guess I wasted 2 mins in capturing this click too ???. But once in a while you have to stop and smell, I mean clean the mess. Btw that is Kohl/ kajal that he has smeared all over his face

On hindsight though maybe he did know what he was doing, because we were going to a place called Barber Black Sheep ?, to get him a haircut and there was a kiddie program that we had enrolled in. Maybe, his kiddie intution told him that he needs to look like a “BLACK” sheep. ???

And look at his face though, as if he is going through some deep sense of remorse there. Don’t know how he comes up with these. He was not scolded either, because I could not stop laughing at my predicament ?.

Lesson learnt; when in hurty do not leave baby alone with bag of toiletries