Here is something to celebrate on this Women’s day. A true gift for all working mothers in India. This is truly something to rejoice about. Now expecting mothers will be able to enjoy 26 weeks of paid leave which was only 12 weeks earlier. Find the news Link here 

Lok Sabha passes Maternity Bill

This makes India the 3rd best in terms of maternity leaves all over the world. This comes as a great news for all pregnant women in India. The bill also protects their employment during this period. Also the 26 weeks of absence will be counted as paid leaves for the employee. This has been passed with view to give women the much needed rest during this period so that they can take care of the new baby and themselves. This will benefit all the women working in the organised sector in India, as this will be applicable to any organisation which hires more than 10 employees. 
. The bill gives a pregnant woman, 26 weeks of paid leaves

. Any organisation with number of employees more than 10, will have to abide by this

. A woman is entitled to this for the birth of two children, in case of a third child, the entitlement will be 12 weeks

. This will give new mothers much more time to take care of the new born and bond with the child much more, before starting work again and spending a major part of the day away from the baby

. This will also give the new mother more chance to recover and will also ease the journey of breast feeding. As new borns should only be either breastfed or formula fed for the first 6 months of their life, thus breastfeeding mothers, joining work sooner,  find it as another challenge to keep breastfeeding the baby. Most of them express the milk, which can be stored and fed to the baby by a caregiver, during the hours that the mother is away from the baby. 
I am more than glad to receive this news as I have personally felt how painful it was to return to work just after 12 weeks. I started back at work, for full hours, just after 12 weeks of my delivery. I had worked right upto the night before my baby’s birth, so my 12 weeks of leave started only once my baby was born. 

But I was back at office just in 3 months. I fully remember how tired and exhausted I used to be at that time. What with sleepless nights with feeding the baby at nights. I used to get up 4-5 times during the night, to feed the baby, most of the times I did not even remember the next morning how many times had I got up the night before. I just felt groggy all the time. On top of it I don’t think the body heals so soon after giving birth. I know mine didn’t. I had a normal delivery, but to be true, the pain was there for at least 6 months. And I honestly felt fully like myself again only after the first year had passed. It took me a year to start feeling like I was back to normal, before that I truly just felt horrible most of the time. Tired, exhausted, with pain in places I did not know I could feel pain in. 

On top of that, since I was breastfeeding, this meant expressing milk, at the office and at home for the baby to feed, during the 9-10 hours I was away from home. Along with it the additional work of Storing, carrying, thawing, warming,washing bottles etc all this was quite a lot of work, but yes, it was definitely worth it and something that I really wanted to do. 

To be truthful, I thought that I was never ever going to feel energetic and healthy like before. But it did happen, eventually, you do go back to your former self, however impossible it may seem at that time, during the initial days. The main factor I guess is, once you start getting at least 5-6 hours of sleep at a stretch at night, you start feeling better. 

But all in all, the 1st 6 months just after joining office at 3 months post partum were very hard for me. I remember I sometimes just broke into tears while driving back home, I used to feel so bad. I would just park my car at the side of the road and cry my heart out. Mommy hormones or lack of sleep whatever it was. I am glad I am over that period now, and I am truly happy that Indian mothers now can enjoy their time post delivery in a much more relaxed way. While also being confident in their knowledge that their jobs are secure. Enjoying this blissful time, bonding with the child and recuperating also. Three cheers for this piece of good news ?