On the sad day when the nation came to know about the death of the brilliant and loved actor Sushant Singh Rajput, I came across pictures of the late actor’s dead body being circulated on social media.

I have no idea how such pictures get out, who perpetrates such inhuman acts of invasion of privacy? Why will someone do something like that?

I don’t know if the pictures are doctored or real. But If you received these and forwarded these, please stop.

Please stop and ask others to stop too.

This is heartbreaking news and the least we can do is try not to sensationalise it. Please have some respect for humanity, privacy and for the bereaved family.

Let there be some respect for the death.

Also such pictures can act as a trigger and push someone over the edge right away.

You never know how such graphic images can affect someone who may be dealing with some emotional struggles of their own.

You never know how disturbing it can be to someone with a weak heart or someone who is feeling vulnerable.

I was heartbroken with the news and seeing those images shocked me beyond words. I couldn’t stop myself from breaking into tears.

People who share such tings, can you imagine if God forbid it was someone you loved, would you want this to happen to them?

So how do you forget that that is a human life, someone’s family, someone’s son, someone’s loved one. He was not just a celebrity whose death is a sensational news for you. He was a real person. ?

Please be sensible.

It’s not ok to forward whatever you come across.

Ask people who are doing it to stop doing it. We need to sensitise people who don’t understand how heartless and cruel it is.

I am tired of the insensitivity of news channels and media houses. The way they only care to sensationalise everything including death.

How is it possible that they don’t realise how inhuman it is to ask a deceased person’s father who is in so much shock, such insensitive questions like “How are you feeling?”

Is there no decency left?

At least have some respect for the dead.

We can’t stop them from being so morally wrong but we can stop watching them and increase their TRPs. Please let’s try to stop these insensitive acts.

I am requesting you please be kind and responsible.


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