I love doing transformation pics with pics from my Instagram grid. The picture in blue flare dress is from more than a year back. From there to wearing bodycon dresses again; it’s been a learning ride.

I am on Keto & Intermittent fasting (IF) since 9 months now; & have been sharing my journey here continuously. You can find my posts under hashtag #theavgmomketo on my Instagram page The Average Mom

Here’s my learnings from my Keto +IF journey

1. Keto & IF is a lifestyle, not a fad diet. If it suits you, you will not go back to your earlier way of eating.

2. Apart from weight loss, I have lost fat from tough areas. Loosing belly fat was always easy for me, but my arms & hips were my tough areas. Keto has helped me shed fat from both considerably.

3. I have higher stamina, focus & energy.

4.If you are sure you want to do Keto; stick it out for 4 weeks. The 1st weeks are extremely hard, so ready yourself mentally & physically. If you cross that mark, you are in.

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5. Fasting has always been considered healthy and beneficial. Intermittent Fasting is a way of eating where in you fast for 16/18 hrs or more & eat in a window of 8 hrs.

6. IF can be done without Keto. But with a low carb Diet; it gives a ton of health benefits.

7. IF helps in fat burning and cell repair.

8. Start slow, with 2 days a week for IF.

You can choose a window of eating. E.g. eat your last meal around 6:00 PM and post that the next meal should be after 10:00 AM.

9. I do IF 18/6 method for 5 days a week; I only have tea/ coffee, without milk, lemon water during my fast of 18 hrs. My food window is 6 hrs or less.

10. Hydrate, drink lots of water. Infused waters work too.

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11. IF is easier if your body is fat adapted. You can start going low carb and slowly switch to IF for a few days. I started Intermittent Fasting 3 months after starting Keto.

12. I have had to unlearn few things; it doesn’t matter what time I eat. If doing IF, find a eating window which suits you.

13. Starvation is as harmful as overrating. Early on I realised that counting macros & calories is important in the beginning. So that I know that I am eating correctly.

14. IF will only help if you maintain a healthy lifestyle otherwise. Binge eating over weekends will take you back to square one.

15. Ensure that the meal is well balanced. Empty calories are the biggest hindrance. eliminate all processed food.

16. Keto flu feels like death the first time. Take electrolytes & supplements.

17. How long will you take to get into Ketosis depends on your body, metabolism, fat adaptation. It could be anywhere from 1 day to 10 days.

18. Cheat meals don’t work with Keto but I take planned breaks every 2/3 month. And I don’t put back weight in a few days.

If you slip up, it’s ok. Start again.

Until Next time,

keep calm and Keto on


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