If you are a mother to an active toddler you know the struggle of ensuring healthy food & nutritious yet  tasty meals for your child. It is important that during the growing years they receive a well balanced meal which consists of the 5 main food groups.  It is essential to eat a variety of food from each food group to meet the nutrient requirements of a growing child.

Healthy food becomes a challenge, specially in this day and age when we as parents are always running short of time and finding organic, healthy produce and food is in itself a hard work.

Healthy Baby Food
Gerber Organic Banana Raspberry Yogurt



I am always looking for healthy baby Food & Organic Products and Gerber Baby Food introduces your baby to fruits, veggies, and other wholesome ingredients.





Healthy foods



That is why I choose Gerber’s healthy and nutritious snacks made with whole grains. You can choose from it’s wide range of  healthy food








Why it is easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy eating

Processed food is pushed at us by the industry and every aisle in the super market tries to lure us in with the big discounts and easy to eat foods. It is very easy then to fall into the trap of eating processed food which is high in saturated fats and is not real food.

Add to that the trend of avoiding real foods in the name of fat free and diet foods. Truth is even fats are an essential part of our diet and eating pure fats from real foods in balanced quantities is good for health.



  • Find the perfect nutritional baby foods that you and your child will love

Before I became a mom I was not that careful about what I bought and what I ate but now with a growing child I am very skeptical about what I feed him. This becomes specially important while choosing snacks for him.

Even though you ensure a balanced meal for your child for his main meals, it’s easy to end up giving them processed foods in the form of cookies, cakes, wafers, biscuits, packaged juices, health drinks or treats as snacks. Kids love these and these are mostly easy to find and take away the hassle of making a snack.

cooking for kids
Mom cooking for kids

Kids love these and these are mostly easy to find and take away the hassle of making a snack.

We all know how hungry growing kids can get, almost ravenous on some days and on other days they are extra picky and refuse all that you offer them. I know that is what happens with my son.

One day he loves something and the next day he won’t touch that food.

  • Choosing the option of healthy and nutritious snacks

I gave my son the heathy options of Gerber snacks like the Gerber Arrowroot cookies, the Banana Cream teether wheels and the Gerber Animal Crackers Cinnamon Graham He loves the Gerber Organic Banana Raspberry Yogurt and it is so good that I even carry it along with me when we go out for the day or to any play dates. It is heathy as well as convenient.

  • Gerber has snacks and nutritional products which meet the developmental needs of your child

The best thing about Gerber snacks is that these are made with whole ingredients like real vegetables, grains, real fruit and yoghurt. This ensures that they get a nutritious snack and I am not worried about giving him snacks for his sudden hungers. The line of Gerber foods offers a variety of organic single grain and multi-grain cereals for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

  • Why is Gerber Baby Food & Organic Products the best in the market?

All Gerber baby food are organic products and are made with whole grains and contain the essential nutrients like sodium, carbohydrates, protein, fats and calcium. These are vital for a baby’s developmental needs.

Healthy Baby Food
Healthy Baby Food


These do not contain artificial sugars which are very unhealthy. Processed sugars and processed snacks made with refined flour can be disruptive to a body’s normal digestive functions. These also form the core of bad eating habits in later years. So it is imperative that we start the habit of eating healthy right from the start.


Gerber Organic snacks, like Puffs and Yogurt Melts, are made with whole grains. I prefer choosing healthy snacks for my son. Thus, I am always ready with a bowl of healthy Gerber puffs and yogurt melts for my son and sometimes I add seasonal fruits or nuts with these. These not only make for a great tasting snack but it is also healthy and I am not worried about him eating junk!

I also give him the great tasting Gerber Yogurt which come in a variety of flavours and are made with real fruits. Due to the wide variety available, you can also keep offering a different flavor to your child and they wont get bored of the taste. These are made with real fruit and contain no artificial flavors, colors or added starches.

Frankly, Gerber has always been a brand that mothers all over the world have always trusted. It is USDA Certified Organic foods and a brand we’ve grown to trust. It is a must have for my pantry list every time.

Disclaimer: This post is part of a sponsored content but the views expressed here are the author’s own and as per her own experience.

Love, Smita