Love Story


This guy rarely appears on my grid but It’s the perfect timing given that it’s our anniversary week. I wanted to share a peek into our love story and share a bit about how “US” happened. So I started looking for ‘couple pics’ for this series & I realised we rarely have any couple pictures of our love story .

See we are Perfect for each other; Ying & Yang. I love to get clicked; he loves to click. Compatible eh 😜. And given that we had more printed pics & really bad cameras & phones while we were dating; we don’t really have many couple pics 🤔. But dig I did.

Posting here the pics I could find from our pre baby & even earlier days. Keep reading for a peek into our love story.

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1st pic: Coz Eiffel Tower and Paris

Eiffel Tower Paris

Lourve Museum Paris

2nd pic: a pic from the year we got marrried

Switzerland & Rome:

Swiss Alps
Lucern Switzerland
Dolder, Switzerland
Lucern, Switzerland
Colloseum, Rome
Colloseum, Rome
Interlaken, Switzerland
Venice, Italy























Few from before A was born







4th: Singapore vacation many moons ago

Circa 2013

Merlion, Singapore
Petronas Tower, Malaysia



Our Love Story:

Sharing a peek into our love story. My first job was with a bank & my posting was Delhi. (I am not very keen on Delhi you may know) So I decided to take up the off campus offer that I had in hand in the city where my parents were then residing at; Ranchi.

I joined my first job with dreams in my eyes eager to kick start my career. What I didn’t know was that the first day of my job was also the day I would be meeting my soulmate & future husband.

And trust me, if you had told this to me that day I would have scoffed at you bad. Me & an office romance! No way. I was the prim n proper goody two shoes all my life. I am not saying I hadn’t met guys, but a serious relationship at work! Right! That’s not me.

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But perfectly laid out plans don’t always work. I fought all my urges & tried hard not to fall for him. But I have come to accept that he may be a bit more smarter than me. He is a charmer, funny, kind, best husband material & a bit of a talented scammer. Don’t believe me? Well here is an incident from our pre courtship days. I can’t really share all the stories so here’s a snippet from our pre dating, Nokia 6610 phone days.

He used to send me jokes in the evening most of which used to be insulting in some way; like calling me bandar, or a joker etc etc. He had a good stock. After 5/6 such jokes every evening, I would get irritated & call him back to give him some piece of my mind *%$**# And we would end up talking for hours after that. (This after we talked the whole day at office 🙄)

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One night; he gave me a missed call(missed calls wale din 😄) at 2:00 AM. Don’t ask me why I was up. I wasn’t 30 yet so that’s why. I called him back confused. He sounded all sleepy & said he hadn’t called me. It probably happened by mistake, as maybe mine was the last dialled number. He said it & I believed him. And so we kept talking till 5 in the morning. So you see I was fighting a lost battle anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️. Years later he said, I wanted to talk to you and there wasn’t any other good enough reason to call at that hour.

I get queasy sharing any of the mushy details and stories so our love story doesn’t come up here. But loved doing this for this fun couple stories initiative

Here are a few pics from our anniversary celebration this year

Seville by Claridges, Delhi
Seville By Claridges, Delhi
A Romantic Evening at Savilles By Claridges, Delhi
Love Is in the air

Happy Anniversary to us ❤️

Love, Smita