I have been on a Keto Diet since 2 months now and as of today morning have lost 10 Kgs. 10 Kgs of very stubborn pregnancy weight which had refused to go even after rigorous gymming like before (pre-pregnancy days) and healthy eating. My sister suggested me to try the Keto diet and though always skeptical about diets; I decided to give this a shot. And voila! Finally something that is working for me. But as of any diet this one also needs a proper planning and research and that means restocking your pantry totally so that you don’t cheat. And yes a variety of dishes is the key because you don’t want to get bored easily. Thankfully there is no dearth of Ketogenic diet recipes and I love cooking. So there you go. I have been trying a variety of new dishes and both my hips and my taste buds have never been happier . So here is one such extra quick recipe – the Keto Dosa

Who doesn’t love a hot crispy Dosa? Right!

But then as you know any type of grains/ cereals/ legumes are absolutely not allowed in Ketogenic diet recipes. Even if they fit your macros; if you consume these you will most likely be kicked out of Ketosis. But despair not! Humans are very jugaadu (a Hindi term for resourceful) and the Internet is flooded with Keto variations of almost every possible food there is.

Keto Dosa is one such popular Keto dish and it is as tasty as it is simple. I use the below recipe to whip myself a crispy Dosa in a jiffy. This is a popular enough recipe which I have just tweaked a bit as per my taste. It is ready in less than 15 mins. Yes as easy as that!

Prep Time : 5 mins

Cooking time : 8 mins

Ingredients for Ketogenic Diet Recipe: Dosa

For the Coconut chutney:

Raw Coconut- 1/2 Cut into small size pieces


Green chilly -1

Ginger Grated – 1/4 tsp

Curry leaves – 10

Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp

Dry Red Chilly – 1

Coconut Oil – 1 tsp

For the Dosa

Almond flour – 2 tbsp

Mozzarella cheese – 2 tbsp grated

Coconut Milk – 2 tbsp

Garlic powder – 1 tsp

Salt- as per taste

Cumin Powder – 1 tsp

Olive oil / coconut oil / ghee for frying

Ketogenic Diet recipes Keto Dosa

For the chutney:

Put the coconut pieces, chilly, ginger and salt in a blender with a few drops of water and blend into a coarse paste

Take it out in a bowl

For the tempering heat the coconut oil in a small pan and add the curry leaves and mustard seeds and the red chilly. Add the tempering directly onto the chutney and mix together

Your chutney is ready

Now for the Dosa

Mix the almond flour, cheese, salt, cumin powder, garlic powder and mix it all well with the coconut milk.

It should be a thick paste

Heat a non stick Dosa girdle and add a few drops of olive oil / coconut oil / ghee

Scoop the paste onto the hot girdle.

Now using a flat spoon or spatula spread the paste to form a thin Dosa

Do this slowly, it does need a bit of patience but with a bit of practise you will be able to do this

Now just let it completely cook

You will see bubbles forming on the Dosa

Ketogenic Diet recipes Keto Dosa oKetogenic Diet recipes Keto Dosa

Let it brown completely and then just fold it over in a half

Ketogenic Diet recipes Keto Dosa

Voila ! Your crispy Dosa is ready now relish this with your ohh so yummy chutney.

Ketogenic Diet recipes Keto Dosa

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And until next time

Keto On !

Love, Smita

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