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I am an Author, a Working Mom, an Indian Parenting Blogger & a WIP wife. This site has my Words, Thoughts, Stories & Humour and blogs about Parenting, Lifestyle, Food, Reviews & My Daily Humdrum Life

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The World through my Pink Glasses

Hi I am Smita, author of “26 Words : A to Z of Short Stories”, a working mother to a naughty and cute toddler and this blog has posts about parenting, pregnancy, food, lifestyle, reviews, stories and life. Here I share my take on how to do things, tips and my funny experiences. I am sharing my experiences and my mommy journey here with a bit of a twist. Please feel free to join and share the journey with me. Recipes , My experiences , Parenting Tips, My thoughts on everything under the sun, as I do have too many thoughts, all are in this blog.

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I am a working woman and a work in progress type of wife & mom. I love to cook, dance, write, sing, paint but most of all I like to sleep, which is nearly impossible when you decide to add a baby to the equation. I also love cleaning and have slight OCD tendencies and my husband firmly believes that we have spent a tiny fortune already on cleaning supplies namely; Colin, Mr Muscle & dusters. And I also love to write which does not happen as often as I wish really, mostly because I am lazy. But yeah I do write about stuff and this is where I intend to pen it down.

My Food Blog : From My Kitchen

I find life to be interesting and quite funny mostly and do like to look at things from my angle, Everyday is full of funny and lively experiences, Also, I love to cook and would be writing down my successful recipes / experiments here ( only the successful ones)

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I absolutely love cooking, rather experimenting I would say, and it does not hurt that I kinda have a flair for cooking (not very modest, Am I?) and the biggest reason I enjoy it is because my family always supports me and encourages me. Truth is If you are surrounded by people who have no interest in even letting you imagine and letting you experiment then you may not enjoy cooking so much.

They may not actually cook but at least if your family loves to explore the various aisles in the department store, looking up all the products and ingredients of gourmet cooking stacked therein, then that is reason enough for you to enjoy this delightful art, in which there are no set boundaries.

Mommy Diaries : My Parenting Journey

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Mom to an adorable bundle of joy, i find parenting quite challenging, and not as easy as many people make it sound. But easy or not; life as a parent sure is funny. Well you have to think it is funny and all things related to it are super humorous else there is a chance, you may end up mad 😝

About having a baby, I am pissed off with everyone always having given me a wrong picture about the whole thing; They all had ulterior motives. Parenting is tough, life – altering and the only good thing about the whole process is the by-product; the baby. Yes, cliché alert ; after all is said and done, the Baby is worth going all through it. I try to see the parenting debacles with a funny eye, it makes life easier.

My Creative Side :

Here is a collection of my works of Art & Crafts and my extra curricular activities

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    1. Hi Asha, thanks so much for stopping by. I am currently living at Gurgaon with family. A newbie to serious blogging 😊. Just unemployed due to relocation 😊. Are you from Mumbai. I would definitely check out your blog soon. Are you also participating in the #AtoZchallenge by #blogchatter ?

          1. That’s brilliant. I stayed and worked in Bangalore for a short period. I like the city. And btw, your blog does not have a follow button. 😛

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