Few days back I had a brush with Corona wherein I got tested for the virus after being prescribed by the Doctor. I tested Negative subsequently in the Corona Test. The day the reports came it was a relief like no other.

I was in self isolation for some days, as had been advised to me. And after the results came, I shared about it on my Instagram page The Average Mom. I then received a lot of queries about the how’s and why’s etc.

Someone suggested that I write down my experience of it and I guess it was an experience like no other for me. So yes I think it’s worth writing down about the whole episode that happened.

So here it is, how it went, why I had to get tested, how I spent my days, the symptoms and my whole experience of it.

Corona Testing and Life in Isolation
Corona Testing and Life in Isolation

My Experience with Corona Test and Covid & living in isolation

During this time I kept a journal of my symptoms and my health.

Me and my husband have been working from home since March 20. It has been a little challenging handling work, chores and the extra work due to Covid. That is the story of everyone nowadays. We have been taking all the precautions as necessary. We haven’t stepped out of the house apart from bringing the deliveries up. Then we duly sanitise or wash everything that comes in from outside. My husband’s office started calling people in June and he went to office on a few days. But we maintained extreme caution when he started going to office. So this had been going on basically & we have been adjusting to this new normal like everyone else.

On 6th June my husbands office sent a mail informing that one of his co workers had tested positive. He continued wfh for the next days.

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Beginning of my Symptoms:

  • 13th June : I felt slightly feverish, I didn’t have any temperature but felt a bit tired and low. There was no major discomfort and I went about my normal work as usual.
  • 14th June: I woke up with a throbbing head and a general feeling of fatigue I thought maybe it was because I had spent last night watching The Morning Show till the wee hours of the morning. Made myself a very strong cup of coffee and went about my day, which was not a very pleasant one. The very shocking news of SSR’s death care as a blow and like the whole nation, I spent the day reacting and being totally devastated. By evening my head was ready to split and I had severe body pain. Since the day was extremely stressful emotionally, I didn’t pay much attention to this. Was feeling extremely bad anyway. I took a medicine for the headache as it had become unbearable by evening.

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  • 15th June: I was still feeling feverish from within but my temperature was 96 only. The headache, body aches continued and I was feeling extreme fatigued. Moped around most of the day and also stayed away from the little one. It felt like a viral infection.
  • 16th June: The symptoms continued and I had a very slightly sore throat. Fatigue, headache and body pain was extreme and I felt drained the whole day. Took a paracetamol tab and Stayed inside the room for most of the day and wore gloves while doing stuff in the kitchen. In the night the feverish feeling was very high but still no temperature. I had the sensation of pins and needles all over my body and couldn’t fall asleep for a long time.

Time line of Isolation

  • 17th June: Tall A had booked an online consultation for me with a Doctor through Practo in the morning. I had a video consultation and shared the symptoms with the Doctor. He advised that I go for the Covid test and asked me to go for complete isolation at home.

1. After discussing with him, we agreed to go for testing for me. Next the Doctor asked me to share some relevant documents ( identity proof etc) with him.

2. He then booked an appointment for my sample collection from a private diagnostic lab.

3. We received the appointment confirmation over phone and the collection was scheduled for next day.

4. I spent the day in compete isolation. Tall A took over all the duties and chores and we told my son that he can’t come into the bedroom where I was.

5. I spent the day reading a bit and watching some or the other series.

  • 18th June: The sample collection was supposed to happen in the morning but the guy didn’t turn up. After the first half passed and there was no sure details about the collection happening we informed the Doctor. He later on booked the appointment with another diagnostic centre as the first one eventually didn’t turn up.
  • I was feeling slightly better today apart from feeling bogged down for being completely locked in. The headache and body pain had subsided and I was feeling generally better. I was taking the medicines that the Doctor had prescribed since 17th.
  • Did something very productive, I cleaned up my secondary email which had over 3 Lakh mails 😂. Cleaned up my google drive too and boy the feeling of seeing an empty Inbox for the first time in years was worth the hour spent on it.
  • 19th June: My sample collection happened in the morning.

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  • 1. The technician who came wore a PPE before entering our home. He took a nasal and throat swab.
  • 2. The process was a bit weird and uncomfortable but nothing very hard.

    3. I was feeling much better now and spent the day inside my room reading and chatting with friends. Did some light floor exercises for 15 mins.

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    • 20th June: I was feeling totally ok by now. Just a slight sore throat remained. I was drinking lukewarm water. There was still a little tiredness that I felt.
    • Tall A was holding the fort pretty well for the past few days but he was definitely exhausted by now.
    • During the day, Baby A requested if he could come and stay in my room for some time. We had to explain to him that he can’t.
    • He had also asked to sleep with me on the first night as his bed time routine is mine. Its me who puts him to bed daily after Tall A has finished feeding him. The reason behind this rule is that whenever tall A gives it a try he ends up falling asleep himself 😂. We told him it was for a few days as Mama was unwell and the little guy acquiesced.
    • 21st June: I was not feeling extremely fatigued anymore and the aches and pains had totally subsided. I was extremely bored and tired of staying in the captivity though but I knew this was extremely important to maintain isolation.
    • 22nd June: The test reports came early morning and I tested negative.

    We shared the report with the Doctor and finally our ordeal was over.

    The Doctor advised to stay careful for the next few days and maintain distance with family and also keep a watch but otherwise it was fine.

    So this is how my whole brush with Covid testing went. It was painful to stay away from my loved ones and not being able to hug my little baby whenever I wanted. It was hard for him too as well as far for Tall A bit we are thankful that I tested negative.

    Steps we followed while maintaining isolation:

    1. I stayed locked inside a separate room with an attached bathroom and didn’t step out.

    2. Tall A didn’t enter the room fully ever and wore masks when he came near the room.

    3. He brought me food and everything else and left it by the door.

    4. I washed my clothes by hands these few days.

    5. I drank only lukewarm water. Had kadha and the medicines the doctor had prescribed.

    6. I aired the room twice in the day but had the AC on at other times.

    7. Did a little exercise as much as I could manage when I felt like it.

    8. I was unable to maintain my normal diet and ate whatever the tall guy cooked. He did a pretty decent job considering he was handling everything from baby, chores, cleaning, cooking and his office work single handedly.

    9. I had zero appetite in the beginning of the symptoms but started feeling ravenous by the time I was recovering.

    • All in all I listened to my body totally and let it recover. I didn’t do any major work, didn’t try to read or complete any pending projects. I stayed away from social media mostly and spent my day just lounging.
    • By the third day I had given up trying to watch too much of series too and ended up re watching my favourite of all times F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
    • I can’t help it, FRIENDS is the one thing which is like a warm comfort blanket for me. Whenever I am super low, it the one thing which perks me up like a tub full of Ben & Jerry’s Choco Chip.
    • So that’s what I did, I gave myself a time out from everything and as I was on a break anyway. I gave myself some complete downtime.
    • Also for the first time in life, I finished two full bags of chips and cookie bags by Myself . Tall A was giving me new untouched packets straight and anyway no one else could eat those so I wolfed it all 😂.

    The main FAQs & Points:

    Q What were my symptoms?

    A. Feeling feverish with no high temperatures recorded, Headache, Body Pain, Fatigue, Slight Sore throat.

    I didn’t have any breathing difficult any time.

    Q. Did I go out for the Doctor Consultation?

    A. No it was an online Video consultation.

    Q. Was the process of getting tested hard?

    A. No it was quite easy and very streamlined.

    Q. Did I have to go out and get tested?

    A. No the sample collection was arranged to be done at my home by the Lab.

    Q. Did we have to follow up a lot?

    A. No both the lab and the Doctor were connected to us throughout over phone and watsapp. We got updates on time.

    Q. Did I stop being in isolation once my flu like symptoms were gone?

    A. No I stayed in complete isolation till the reports came in, and taking some precautions even after that.

    Q. In How many days did the report come in?

    A. It took Two days.

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    I am grateful that it was a false scare and I pray that all of us stay safe during this hard time and that this challenge passes soon.

    Stay safe and take care,

    Love 💕 Smita