I love doing DIY gifts and always make something handmade for my husband on his birthday apart from the usual shop bought gift ( watch/ phone / perfume / shirt ). The handmade gift just makes it more special because of the personal touch. Also I love the whole planning, hiding, finishing the work in secret, keeping the work in progress gift hidden inside a closet until d-day. And finally seeing the look of awe on his face when he opens it is pure magic. That is my gift ?.

Here below is one #diy #handmade gift i made for him under  7$

Things you will need for this :

1. Hand made paper A4 size or the size you prefer

Look for a bright paper with a beautiful background which will contrast well with your photos. A plain paper will not attractive as the background. The right kind of paper will turn your frame from ordinary to beautiful without any effort.

Thus, I would recommend not using any chart paper ( it is too plain ) or any printed wrapping paper etc ( due to their patterned design it will look cluttered and take away the focus from your pics) Handmade papers are perfect for this as you will get very subtle , understated yet beautiful designs in those, choose something which is bright as you want it to show through.

2. Glitter paper :

You can use this to write in a beautiful message in your own hand. Generally anything hand written will add more warmth to the gift. But you can choose to type and print the message if you think your handwriting is truly horrible, but more often than not, going with your hand written message will be a good idea.

Choose either silver or gold glitter paper as any other colour will not pop out so much and the message will get hidden. Now here it is very imp to choose the right contrast. Choose the glitter paper as a contrast to the background paper that you have chosen. Definitely buy these two together so that you can see what goes best with what. E.g some good contrasts could be ; purple/ blue/ pink will go well with silver glitter paper. Red may go great with Gold.

If you choose Gold, you may have to write the actual message on a white paper and then stick it on the gold glitter paper, keeping that as a frame.

For writing on glitter paper I use OHP/ DVD permanent marker pens with fine felt tip. You generally can easily get few basic colours in a pack at a local stationery shop.

3. Adhesive beads crystals strips:

These will give a great finish to your photos if you add these around the pictures as a frame border. If you are able to get the stick on strips, these are very easy to fix too and no mess trying to paste single single beads or crystals. This will also add a certain bling to your work

4. Photo prints :

Print a couple of your favourite snaps and print them on your printer on glossy paper. If you have cute couple pictures then all the better. Try choosing a single theme for the few snaps that you choose; e.g. Candid, cute or funny. This will help keep a single tone in the frame.

5. Message :

The measage that you choose to write can be anything. Write it somewhere else first and edit before writing on the actual frame. Some ideas for the same are:

Reasons you love him / her

Things you love most about them

10 best moments you have spent together ( if you have the pictures of those moments then that will be all the more terrific)

Ways they make your everyday beautiful

Things you want to thank them for

If you feel that you are not very expressive with your words then choose 10 beautiful love quotes from google and write those down

You can also choose to note down a passage you love or any lines of poem you or they love

5. Foam paper / glitter paper hearts cutouts. Or heart shaped stickers ( just to decorate/ border the message. You can choose to stick them randomly also in a scattered fashion.

You need a hot glue gun to put all this together easily.

Finally, get it framed from any local studio as framing it will help cherish this beautiful gift of yours and will be a beautiful reminder to look at. Your handmade surprise is ready. ?