As a parent one of my biggest concerns is my child’s health and safety. Keeping him safe from various infections and protecting him from disease causing germs which could affect his immunity is a major concern for me. Children love to get messy and dirty and invariably track in germs and dust inside the house. While I don’t want to stop him from playing freely, I definitely try to keep the germs and dirt away from our home and also ensure that his personal hygiene is maintained despite this.  Various disinfectant floor and house cleaners, sanitizers, wipes, hand washes are now part of our home needs. All these help me keep our home clean and protected from germs. But recently I came across an effective method to keep the house germ free with zero effort and with just a flip of a switch. Amazing isn’t it?

I am talking about the Anti-Bac LED bulbs  by Crompton India. This breakthrough invention light bulb serves a dual purpose. It not only provides visible light but also kills 85% of germs. This innovative product kills harmful bacteria and fungi within 4 hours.

It’s pretty hard to believe that such an innovative product could exist right? But that is exactly what Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals has done with their revolutionary Anti-Bac LED Bulb. This comes with an advanced Environsafe technology that is recommended by the Indian Medical Association.

It is said that home is where the heart is. Our homes are our havens and all of us want to keep it as the one safe place where we as a family can relax and thrive. Thus everyone wants their home to be beautiful, warm and welcoming. Thus we strive to not only make it appealing and beautiful, but also a place where we can feel happy at. We also strive to keep it clean and safe. But however hard you may try, there is always the presence of some moulds, mildew and dirt in the various nooks and dark crannies of the home. Places like the kitchen and bathroom specially are prone to have moist corners which are hard and impossible to reach and are breeding grounds for different germs and bacteria.

As  parents we are always concerned about the ambient germs and dust mites which might be lying hidden away from the naked eye but present all the same. These are especially harmful when there are small children in the house who are susceptible to germs easily and whose immunity can be affected by bacteria and germs. So as a parent it was a great relief for me to find this innovative product which keeps working at getting rid of harmful bacteria and germs and requires minimum effort in doing so! It is just the perfect addition to my home and an added way for me to easily keep it safe.

This Anti-Bac LED bulb has also become part of my home décor. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic value of my living room and bedroom but I am all the more excited to be using this because I know it is certified by the Indian Medical Association. It also does not emit any harmful UV/IR radiations and thus is absolutely safe for humans, plants & animals. The Anti-Bac LED Bulb works on the technology of lights of different wavelengths being used for various specialized applications. Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd incorporated this theory into creating something that they knew the consumer was looking for;  a product which helps increase the hygiene quality inside homes. They have earlier launched other such innovative products like the Anti-Dust fan and the Tricool Window Cooler and now are the first company to launch this new category of Anti-Bac lights in the lighting segment.

It is currently available in Cool day white light with 7W and 9W priced at 180/- & 190/- respectively.

I was elated when I received the beautiful package from Crompton with the LED bulb in a jute bag. The package also had Kara face-wipes, hand sanitizer, face masks, fragrance diffuser, etc- all eco-friendly and wonderful products.

The light bulb is easy enough to install and it provides an aesthetic appeal to our room now.  Even with my whole hearted efforts to keep my home clean I know that there is a continuous build up of germs, bacteria & yeast  in places like kitchens, playrooms & bathrooms. But now with the Crompton Anti-Bac LED Bulbs, I get continuous disinfection with no extra effort. This is such an easy and effective way for me to keep my home germ-free & healthy. Thank you Crompton for a safer environment!