This year I was part of the #BlogchatterEbookCarnival and successfully completed the April #AtoZChallenge. I also published my first ever book thanks to this initiative by Blogchatter which saw the release of 33 eBooks at one go in the month of June’17. This platform by Blogchatter helped many bloggers to realize their dream of publishing their first ever book. As part of the carnival each author was also asked to review the work of three other authors. I have already reviewed two eBooks and this is the 3rd review in my series.

Blogchatter Ebook Carnival
Blogchatter Ebook Carnival

My Review:

There were some really great writings published during this challenge and I wanted to review a lot many more of them, though have been unable to find the time. But this book by Cheryl Sterling was an obvious choice and a good one at that because, I myself am an aspiring writer with a newly published book. The tips given   by the author in the book are actually very helpful for any writer and I am going to try to use as many tips as possible. Cheryl Sterling has a writing career spanning 18 years thus it is natural that her tips are all tried and tested ones. She shares many useful information in her book, which can be useful to all new writers. How to design a cover, which tools to use, How to develop Characters, how to use comparative tools and specially how to use Social media channels and plan a marketing strategy for your book.

Her writing is simple and clear and is easy enough to understand even for an amateur writer. And I would suggest new writers to read this book. I am for one very happy to be able to chalk out a marketing plan for my book post reading Cheryl’s book.

My Rating:


About The Author:

Cheryl Sterling is an American author of several paranormal and contemporary romance novels and short stories. Her first novel, What Do You Say to a Naked Elf?, was a finalist in the TARA contest and was later sold to Leisure Books, an imprint of Dorchester Publishing. Cheryl is a co-founder and past president of Grand Rapids Region Writers Group in Grand Rapids, MI. She has conducted several workshops that focused on the writing craft and co-chaired their first “I’ve Always Wanted to Write a Book” regional conference. In her spare time (she’s retired, so there’s that, but she writes a lot, so, never mind), she reads. All genres (except suspense and horror because she reserves the right to mess with readers’ minds). She loves history (lots of ideas to steal borrow), sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, Regencies (who knew so many eligible Dukes were around?), anything Doctor Who, and/or quantum entanglement. Her passion is learning and improving her craft, but mostly, she is a teacher. Cheryl currently lives in Phoenix with her husband and their cat, Coco Xena.

Book Blurb:

Writing Tools, 26 Tips on How to Improve Your Writing delves into eighteen years of the author’s experience, sharing tips and tricks she wished she’d known when she started. From “A” Amazon Author Page to “Z” Zeroable Unnecessary Words in Your Manuscript, Writing Tips explores writing, marketing, and social media knowledge and shortcuts, making you a better writer. Explore the alphabet of writing tools with her and improve your writing.