The #Blogchatter Ebook Carnival 2017 saw the publishing of 33 Ebooks at one go. I was fortunate enough to be part of it, having written and published my first ebook ever as part of the A to Z challenge. I am also reviewing few of the ebooks from this mix of books published. Here is my Book Review of  “A Way, Not Away” by Ramya Gundala

Blogchatter Ebook Carnival
Blogchatter Ebook Carnival

About The Book:

A Way, Not Away is a collection of twenty-six short stories which explores various perspectives of distinct situations that you can instantly get connected with. Each story is based on different character’s day to day life and their strained relationships. Every story is connected to the next one with their if-else situations. Originally written for an online blogging challenge, April A to Z Challenge, they have been revisited to form this collection


About The Author:

Ramya Gundala is a passionate writer and an electronics engineer who crafts stories currently based on her day to day life. A Way, Not Away is her first collection of short stories, which are compiled from her blogposts for April A to Z Challenge 2017. She blogs at


My Review:

I picked up Ramya Gundala’s ebook “A Way not Away” as it is a collection of short stories and I love reading short stories. Ramya Gundala’s book speaks of relationships and day to day life situations. Each story is just another part of our day to day lives but with her unique questioning style, the author brings forth the various relationships that are a part of it and the complexities of such. There is a lot of speculation and questioning about the various situations that come up during the everyday mundane activities.

I really loved the way the author has weaved these simple daily lives situations into intriguing stories. I especially liked “Fair Tale from the Rainbow Kingdom”, “Garnish with a Lemon Wedge”, “Isosceles”, “Hashtag Hopeful” and “Mirror Mirror”.

In total, this is a very nice short read and if you are looking for something Interesting and fresh to read, do pick this ebook by Ramya Gundala.

My Rating: 4/5

So this is my Book Review of A Way, Not Away by Ramya Gundala. You can also check my review of another ebook “The Fragrance of True Love” by Roma Gupta Sinha, published in the #BlogchatterEbookCarnival  here

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