Motherhood isn’t always pretty. It’s not always the pristine white picture of a beautiful mother holding her baby in her arms, looking fondly at her smiling child. It’s not always the warm photo of a beautiful family seated together at the table with a lavish spread in front of them. It’s not always cozy homes with beautiful rugs & dainty couches.

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Some days motherhood is the picture of piles of dirty laundry, old loose clothes, a cranky baby & a crying parent. Some days it’s the picture of just waiting for bedtime to come as soon as possible.

Society has decided to put up motherhood on a pedestal. Well, it has decided to put women on pedestal, where she is a give all, do all, suffer all super woman. She can make boo boos go away for a toddler while feeding an infant at the breast. She can whisk up a wholesome meal for the family while sending a mail with the presentation before her deadline is over.

She is calm at the face of adversity. Mature when faced with decisions. Responsible when given duties.

Unwavering in her love for her family. She is perfect.

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Motherhood doesn’t need to look perfect

But you don’t have to be this vision of perfect. You don’t need a perfect career for being a perfect woman. Neither do you need a perfectly kept home for being a homemaker. You don’t need to be always serving nutritious, organic 4 course meal. Take out is just as good, on as many days as you want.

You don’t need to look or behave a certain way to be a mom. You don’t always have to be calm, composed & smiling. You can be overwhelmed, tired & unhappy if you want. You don’t always have to be nice.

You can be whoever you were before you became a mom. An introvert or an adventure seeker. You can be the life of a party & go out if you can & want to. You can choose to hold your child as much as you want. You don’t need to loose all the baby weight & look a certain way. It’s your body, look the way you want to look.

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You don’t need to do what society tell you. Societal standards are often incorrect & wrongly depicted. It often doesn’t show that real motherhood is made up of messy snuggles & gooey cuddles. It is made up of fleeting moments holding your baby tight & smelling the baby smell one more time before they grow up soon.

Until next time,

Love 💖 Smita