Many of you have been asking me what and how do I eat on my Keto Diet! Since I no longer eat one basic food group ; carbs,  what does my meal look like? This is the most asked question to me nowadays. Well; here’s a basic meal plan for Ketogenic Diet. Or an example of a Beginners Keto Meal Plan for weight loss for a day.

Ketogenic diet doesn’t have a specific meal plan, but I wanted to outline an example of a basic Beginners Keto Meal Plan for a day. As I keep saying you have to style your own meal pla based on your calorie requirements. Say if your calorie requirement is ‘X’ then you have to eat a little less than that; to be in deficit and to loose weight. Now on the Keto Diet all you need to do is style your meals such a way that :

  • 70% of your calories come from Fats – Coconut oil, Almonds, Avacado, Cheeses, Ghee etc
  • 20% of your calories come from Proteins – All Meats , Eggs, Fish, Paneer etc
  • 5% of your calories come from carbs – Barring grains, legumes, fruits, starchy vegetables., sugars. The carbs will mostly be from the leafy or cruciferous vegetables you eat.
  • Almond Flour, coconut flour, Flax meal etc are allowed and can be used to prepare breads. but you have to keep them within your macros and ensure that while eating these you don’t exceed your daily carb intake limit which is 20 gms by default.

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Please note these are not an expert advice but my personal opinion only. And any dietary changes should be as per your own medical history and guidance from a certified professional.

Beginners Keto Meal Plan for Weight Loss
Beginners Keto Meal Plan for Weight Loss


So here is my Beginners Keto Meal Plan for Weight loss for a day

Breakfast :

Egg omelette with cheese/butter OR Spinach Egg Frittata

Plus Coffee /Tea with Heavy Cream & Stevia

Lunch :

chicken grilled with grilled broccoli/ spinach/ Mushroom (lots butter)

For vegetarians:

A big Salad with almonds & olives or feta cheese + Grilled Paneer or some Cauliflower rice or Baked cauliflower. Cheese cubes. Hung curd

Snacks :

Almonds fried in ghee/cheese cubes / Almond Milk shake/ Avacado


Stir fried veggies OR baked fish OR any vegetable dish that has been cooked for dinner E.g. Palak paneer, mix veggies, Bottle Gourd (lauki) Sabji, Tawa Bhindi.

So any dish cooked for others at home which doesn’t have carbs ??‍♀️

This is a typical Beginners Keto Meal Plan for Weight Loss for a Day. This is how I eat. Now you must have got the basic idea? Of course the actual  quantity & type of food would depend on your personal calorific requirements and habits.

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Here are my top 7 tips for how to eat while on a Keto Diet for beginners

1.Cook everything in ghee/ butter/ olive oil/ coconut oil

2. The above listed is actually too much food for anyone on Keto as appetite is generally very low on Keto. I would typically have any two or even any one of the above mentioned meals. But I just wanted to list a typical day plan for any one who is thinking about starting

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3.In the beginning eat as much as you are hungry. But no carbs no sugar. Calorie counting can come in later. I use My Fitness Pal app

4. Don’t try to cook fancy in the beginning like Keto Naan etc; those you can do later.

Else you may overdo the carb intake. Now I eat balanced, Without trying much. Trust me Appetite goes down

5.There are alternates to all dishes Roti/ Bread like Keto Naan, Keto Roti , Keto Bread , even Keto Fathead pizza etc Most recipes use almond flour/ coconut flour / flax meal etc. None of these flours are grain based & all are low in carb value. The recipes of these are easily available online.

One can easily eat these but in my experience, I find that eating them occasionally works better. As fancy meals end up meaning overeating. So I stick to very plain meals & indulge in these once in a while

Here is one of my Favourite recipes of Keto Dosa  and Keto Cauliflower Rice ( Low Carb Rice alternate)

6. Keep it simple. If I don’t understand & am not sure of what to eat I just fry an egg or eat a cheese cube??‍♀️

7. Calorie Deficit is the only way to loose weight so count your macros. Read well & Prepare; Keto is strict; & needs to be done the right way

Until Next time,

Keep Calm & Keto On

Love ?, Smita