Happy Women’s day to all my online friends. I was watching Merryl Streep in The Iron Lady (I seriously love that woman). There was a dialogue in it which really made me think. The dialogue said we should try to do something instead of trying to be someone, and I found that very very correct. 

We women spend all our lives, trying to be some one; a mother, a wife, a career woman, a home maker, a girl friend, a business woman and all these times we strive to be the perfect someone. We are so much focussed on being someone, to achieve a certain status in any of the above roles that we end up putting too much pressure on ourselves, we hurt ourselves in trying to be that ‘someone’. But, Will it not be so much easier if the focus is on the ‘doing’ part, and not the ‘being’ part?

It really made sense to me, and from now on, I will try to do things that I want to do and focus more on how to do it. I will stop trying to be someone. In fact I will just try to be the best version of me and focus on doing things that matter. Actions stay, because they have effects, people on the other hand, fade away eventually. Be the best woman you can be and do all that you want to do. Happy Women’s day to all of you.