Hope you all are doing fine. In my quest for natural products I was more than happy when I came across a beauty product brand that uses simple ingredients found in our homes. I am always wary of harsh chemicals, specially anything that is a part of my regular skin and hair care. I even avoid facials of any type and stick to oil cleansing and try home remedies for my skin ( I am lying here! I do not have any time for any home remedies any more. I am a mom! and a “barely managing it” type. Most of the times I fail to wash my hair too!).  So, when I found Ang Tatva products I was very impressed with the ingredients used. Today I am going to share my review of Ang Tatva  products, a brand by a mom entrepreneur.

As I metioned, Ang Tatva uses natural ingredients in all its products which are found in our kitchens easily. Once upon a time, I used to make packs out of honey, lemon, besan etc when I was in college. I really do prefer home remedies and packs and there was a time when I used to make elaborate packs for my hair and skin at home and used these. But frankly, gone are those days now and, I barely get the time to wash my hair nowadays. With a full time job and a baby to boot, there are days when I rush out of the door in the morning with my hair still in a bun. So, gone are the days when I would oil my hair overnight, steam it, use a henna and egg pack etc. And my hair has suffered a lot in the past years. So, when Misha from Ang Tatva called I told her about my of specific woes (hair woes).

Ang Tatva – The Brand & its Founder


Now, a little bit about the brand Ang Tatva and its founder Misha. Misha is a mom to an adorable set of twins and also an entrepreneur. Talk about wearing multiple hats! Hats off to her first. She is a post graduate in Fashion and has worked with renowned names in the fashion world in the past. When motherhood happened to Misha, she gave up her job and took up blogging and that is when she started giving her full her attention towards her interests in Ayurveda and natural products. She loved herbs and home made ingredients and initially started with experiments at her home. Very soon she began making products out of simple yet natural home ingredients and herbs. Thus happened the birth of her own full fledged brand Ang Tatva. She always had an inclination towards Ayurveda and put her knowledge and expertise to use to create these products.

Ang – Tatva  The Brand was started with humble vision of providing people with homemade natural skin care products which have been benefiting our family since decades. It uses the age old methods of Ayurveda and the magical properties of herbs and infuses these in their organically made beauty products. Ayurveda is known to have many hidden gems which have both medicinal and therapeutic values. Ang Tatva products use a combination of such ingredients which have potent beautifying capacities. They have a range of products for both skin & Hair care. Each product lists the ingredients used in it clearly and there are no preservatives used in the making of these.

Now the biggest USP of the brand is that it provides natural, organic products, curated as per the specific needs of each customer. They are very much attuned to the customer’s needs and provide customised solutions. A customer is fully aware of which ingredients are being used in his / her product and can thus make an informed choice. After my consultation with her, she suggested 3 products to me. A hair mask Kesh Tatva – The Miracle Mask, A hair Pack, Kesh Tatva – Rescue Therapy & Kaya Tatva – A coffee bean scrub. Here is my review for these Ang Tatva products which were specially curated as pr my needs.

Kesh Tatva – The Miracle Mask

Ingredients: This mask is predominantly made out of Pure Desi Ghee and the ingredients in it are Curry Leaves, Bhringraj, Liquorice Powder, Brahmi Leaves and a few more Ayurvedic Herbs.

Method: As per the instructions, I warmed 2 table spoons of the mask, applied it on my scalp and let it rest for an hour and then washed it off.


1. The result was a deeply nourished and shiny hair.

2. My hair felt much softer and luxurious, quite like it feels after a deep oiling session

3. This product was suggested by Misha to me when I told her about my persistent hair fall and thinning of the scalp. She had asked me to apply it on alternate days but I have managed to use it only 3 times till now BUT, I have noticed a definite reduction in hair fall already. I sincerely want to keep using this product if only, I can manage some time as this is truly a Miracle Mask.

4.  Due to the presence of Desi Ghee it is quite sticky and it dribbles a bit on the face and I had to wash my hair twice to get it all off

5. The smell of the ingredients is quite strong and does not wash off easily

Kesh Tatva – Rescue Therapy

Ingredients:  This hair pack contains Amla Powder, Yashtimadhu, bhringraj, Brahmi Powder, Methi Powder, Toor, hibiscus Powder, few more ayurvedic herbs.

Method: The pack is supposed to be mixed with egg or curd and applied on the scalp. I left it on for 50 minutes as described.


  1. Used together with the Hair Mask this pack is a miracle worker. Ang Tatva truly has made some marvelous products. I can literally feel that my hair fall is much lesser now.
  2. The only problem with this is that I do not really find the time to apply any hair pack and leave it on undisturbed for an hour. Mom life! But If I could, I would love to use this pack regularly.

Kaya Tatva – Coffee Bean scrub

This one is a pure luxury product and my favourite among the 3. It is so sinful and heavenly in smell. Made out of coffee beans, this scrub is pure luxury and surely feels like it. Imagine the smell of a cup of the freshly brewed blend, now imagine bathing in the same smell. This scrub is pure ground coffee beans and the moment you apply it on your moist skin, you can feel the richness of coffee moisturizing your skin from within. It also has the deeply nourishing Coconut and Aloe Vera and the natural exfoliating properties of sugar. What more can you ask for? I love to use this and as it is so easy to wash off, the smell of coffee hangs around for a while and keeps me high spirited. I have already finished most of the bottle.

Ingredients: Coffee Beans, Coconut Shred, Aloe Vera, Sugar

Method: Use as a scrub while bathing

My Rating

Pros :

1. All in all I love that the products are pure and have natural ingredients which are highly beneficial

2. No added preservatives

3. Comes in glass jars. I am really partial towards  glass jars as I avoid plastic as much as possible. The jars can be reused and I love to collect all sorts of jar

4. The packaging is very nice 

5. All the products jars carry the full ingredients list and the method of use clearly mentioned on them

Cons : 

1. The only con I could find was thaf the miracle mask had dripped a little out of the bottle. The lid was not very tight.

So go ahead and check out their great products on the site today. I am a fan and I am sure you will be too