One of the biggest challenges in our life is that as working parents we find very little time to spend together as a family. We three have very busy days. We have packed schedules and timetables and we only get a few hours in the evening to spend with each other. But the point is it is about quality of the time spent rather than the quantity.

We spend our evenings together bonding as a family

And this is done by cutting off the virtual world and by all three of us being present in the real world. It is hard to completely avoid TV or Internet in today’s world but we try to keep them on as little as possible. Both me and my husband are not addicted to watching any particular TV show or series and we spend the evening interacting with our little son.

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One more challenge is keeping him away from screen. Though we haven’t been able to keep him completely off the Internet, but we try to limit it as much as possible. Our evenings are spent in playing with him. Active play is a major part of growth and development and it’s important that a child gets physical activity and play time every day.

My son goes to the park every evening and he loves to ride his bicycle in the park.

We ensure right nutrition

Along with right play, right food and the nutrition are also important in the growing years.

  1. The meal times at our home are fixed and we eat together as a family at the dining table. Kids need to have a proper time table and realise that eating is a part of our day to day routine.
  2. We avoid TV or mobile when we are eating as distractions during eating leads to bad eating habits.

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  1. We avoid snacking in between meals. Snacking ruins a child’s appetite and they will not eat properly during meal times.
  2. We have reduced processed and junk food from our house to a large extent.
  3. Eating proper home cooked food is very important for a growing child. I try to give my son home cooked meals which are balanced in nutrition with a good mix of proteins, fruits, vegetables and calcium. He loves to eat eggs and fish. He also loves milk and I add PediaSure in his daily glass of milk to ensure that he gets the vital nutrients from it.

We teach how to eat right

Even as we ensure proper nutrition it is just as important to teach kids how to eat right. The right nutrition is key to good health for both developing years and for the future.

  1. Don’t force the child to overeat. More food doesn’t mean more nutrition. Rather, teach your child portion control.

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  1. Avoid eating out and even if kids want to eat outside, don’t let them have outside food too often.
  2. Don’t let kids form any specific food like or dislikes. They should learn to eat and try all food items.
  3. Show them by example, incorporate fresh and healthy, non-processed food into your daily meals.

We make a conscious effort to nurture our child

Handling a small wonder at home is not easy and for us parents it’s important to nurture them properly.  At 4 years old my son has frequent temper tantrums and power shows. While it’s important to understand that at this age kids will throw a lot of tantrums as they find a lot of things and emotions very overwhelming. But it’s also important to handle the tantrums with patience and calm.

Kids need to understand how to express their feelings better and not be overwhelmed by them but for that they need the assurance of their parents. A child trusts his parents and should be able to rely on them. We need to interact and pay undivided attention to the child for them to feel loved and wanted.

Kids grow at their own pace and it’s no use comparing a child with anyone else. Each child has his/her own speed  and it’s important for parents to not be too stressed about it. In this regard, I find the Grow Right Charter by PediaSure a very helpful guide to new and older parents alike on how they can bring up their child right.

Thus ensuring a proper nutrition is as important as ensuring a proper way to eat and also to ensure a proper way to play. After all growing years are all about good nutrition, play and good nurturing.

Hope you liked reading it.

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Love Smita