2018 is wrapping up, and I am supposed to share what I learnt this year, right? But as you know I am not great at giving advices or sharing knowledge, so I will not be doing that. What I do do, (yeah! Been itching to write do-do on my SM account ?) is I write about what I am going through. It may not matter to you but that’s how it rolls here ??‍♀️. So here’s what I learnt this year, or maybe unlearnt


  • Parenting stays hard; as a working parent it won’t get easier. (I know it’s hard as a Stay at Home parent too, each path is diff and each one has struggles). Last week baby A had a severe viral, in between Christmas and holidays. Generally the fever goes away in two days but this time it refused to budge for 5 days. We visited two doctors just because we were scared. Now me and tall A, both were hard pressed for leaves from office due to work needs. But we had to struggle and do it, alternately. Being in a nuclear setup this is the hardest thing we will always face. No one to fall back upon. Sitting at office while your child is running a temperature of 101 degree C, doesn’t get easy with time. But you pass through it. Bruised a bit.
  • My health matters a lot to me. Loosing my pregnancy weight has been liberating in more ways than one. Knowing what works for me has been better. Normal workout and diet was failing me; Keto was a saviour. So yes, knowing what suits you and when is very important. Listen to your own body and it’s needs.
  • Sorry for not writing on Keto diet regularly; I know you guys want me to. But that’s another thing. I learnt that Social Media is my happy place; if I pressurise myself into churning content to make it more engaging, I end up being stressed & unhappy. Though that means more growth, but less satisfaction. So I choose to post what I want, when I want, without much formal thought, Like I used to do before, and it stays a happy place.
  • Also learnt that Social Media can be a depressing place, it will be more right now with new year around. #fomo You see people having a blast around you, shining all around, vacationing. And more so in the coming year when you see them achieving all goals, rocking their resolutions, achieving that enviable body and that shining position at work. So it’s important to keep reiterating; everyone is only posting those best moments which come in between struggles & sacrifices. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have messy, pajama clad, leftover eating moments. I have these moments all the time. But Mostly I don’t have the time to post these moments on such days. ?
  • Focusing so much on SM can be stressing. Insta Stories!!! Watching them, being on stories can end up being taxing. And more so, Instagram gets you more views the more you are on stories. So it’s a vicious circle. But it’s important to stay in it without getting pulled deep inside. Same rule here; let it not control you or your life.
  • Last year I learnt that sometimes it’s important to keep faith that life has a plan always and everything happens for a reason. Like when I came to Delhi and had to leave my favourite job and favourite city to do so; I went into depression. But things have a way of getting better. Keep that faith and do something that helps you get out of your slump. Take help if needed. And most importantly, surround yourself with people who love you no matter what. Let go of negative thoughts, people and situations.
  • Happy new year guys. Stay blessed
  • Until next time,

    Love ? Smita