Newborn babies are delicate, therefore proper hygiene and care must be maintained around them at all times. Their surroundings should be clean and hygienic. Similarly, we should clean the baby products and accessories with the utmost care. This includes their clothes, toys, beddings, and feeding essentials. Here are 5 tips to buy the best chemical-free baby bottle cleanser.

It is also important to know that cleaning with chemical-based products can lead to exposure to the baby.

 5 Best tips to buy the best chemical-free bottle cleanser

5 Best tips to buy the best chemical-free bottle cleanser

When a baby is born, we take extra care to ensure that all the surroundings are clean. Likewise, we also keep the floors and the place where the infant plays or sleeps sanitized. While doing so, caregivers need to ensure that they use cleaning essentials which are natural and minus any harsh chemicals. We need chemical-free baby bottle cleanser. The simple logic behind it is that most cleaning products use strong chemicals. These could severely harm a child’s skin or even the immune system.

Thus you should not use regular dish soap to clean the most important feeding essentials like bottles.

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  • Importance of opting for a Chemical-Free Baby Bottle Cleanser

  1. We should not use any regular dish soap / liquid cleanser to clean the baby’s basic feeding essentials like bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc. Most regular cleansers are harsh. Furthermore, these may contain chemicals which can harm an infant’s delicate immunity system when ingested.
  2. Regular dishwashing liquid cleansers are not suitable to get rid of milk stains and milk residues. Consequently, you need a specially formulated liquid cleanser for feeding bottles to get rid of these milk and formula residues.
  3. Many baby bottle cleansers also contain SLS or sulfates and the residue can irritate a baby’s delicate stomach.
  4. Baby Bottle cleansers can be a bit pricier as an alternative. But a bottle cleanser effectively kills the residual bacteria and the milk deposits inside lids that are specific to milk and formula residues.
  5. A chemical-free baby bottle cleanser has a natural formulation making it a safer alternative for washing your baby’s daily need items.

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  • Which is the best baby bottle liquid cleanser? And how will you choose the right one?
  • We have made this task easy for you and found the best baby bottle liquid cleanser.

It is  Mother Sparsh Natural Liquid Cleanser

  • The points to consider when choosing the best baby liquid cleanser

How to choose an effective feeding bottle sterilizer or cleanser 

  1. It should remove the milk smells and stains

Food and milk gets stuck in the lids, valves or ridges of baby bottles and sippers etc. This causes a foul smell common to stale milk. Milk bottles also have a leftover milk film which causes a stale odor. Therefore, It is important to find a chemical-free baby bottle cleanser which effectively removes such stubborn stains and smells.

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  1. Effective against bacteria and germs

  2. It is also necessary that the cleanser kills all milk bacteria and germs. That makes the baby’s essentials safe for use. Any bacteria from stale milk or food can seriously irritate a baby’s gut. Therefore, it is very important to sterilize all baby feeding essentials.
  3. Gentle and chemical-free

  4. An effective feeding bottle sterilizer or cleanser is gentle on the skin. Secondly, it does not harm the baby’s delicate skin. It is also gentle on the skin of the parents who must wash dozens of nursing essentials daily. A harsh chemical-laden cleanser is equally harmful to the adult’s skin and hands.
  5. Based on the above points the Natural Baby Liquid Cleanser from Mother Sparsh is the most effective and the best Chemical Free Baby Bottle Cleanser
    • It Is Natural and Plant-Based

  6. The Mother Sparsh Natural Baby Liquid Cleanser consists of plant and mineral-based ingredients like Green Apple & Basil. It is safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
    • Removes Milk Stains & Odors effectively

  7. The Mother Sparsh natural baby liquid cleanser is specially formulated to remove all tough milk stains and the stubborn milk film which covers all baby feeding essentials like bottles, nipples, sippers, cups, and spoons. It effectively removes all milk residues and eliminates the stale smell of old milk.
    • It is safe and 100% effectual

  8. The Mother Sparsh natural baby liquid cleanser has natural biodegradable ingredients. These are antibacterial and help in getting rid of all germs. In addition to that, it removes all residual grease effectively. Moreover, it is safe for use.
    • Natural ingredients leave a natural fragrance

  9. Since the Mother Sparsh Natural Baby Liquid Cleanser is made up of ingredients like green apple and basil which are natural and have a very pleasant fragrance, it leaves a very pleasant and refreshing fragrance upon washing.
    • Anti Bacterial properties

  10. The natural ingredients in Mother Sparsh natural baby liquid cleanser Basil & green Apple have antibacterial properties. These effectively kill all the bacteria which grow in milk bottles and other such baby essentials which are constantly used for feeding milk and baby foods.
  11. Basil is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial in nature and green apple extract is a natural cleanser free from toxins. 

  12. The leftover food and the milk residues are a breeding ground for bacteria and that is why it is important to use a cleanser like  Mother Sparsh natural baby liquid cleanser which not only removes the grime but effectively eliminates all such bacteria and germs.
    • No Chemicals

  13. The best part is that the Mother Sparsh natural baby liquid cleanser is organic and made up of all-natural ingredients. It does not contain any harsh chemicals like SLS, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil or dyes, and fragrances. It is completely natural.
    • Ideal Cleanser

  14. It is the best liquid baby cleanser to clean nursing bottles, nipples, pacifiers, toys, and all other feeding accessories.
    • Gentle on the skin

  15. The Mother Sparsh natural baby liquid cleanser is organic. It uses only natural ingredients and therefore it is gentle on the skin. Unlike other cleansers, regular use of this liquid baby cleanser doesn’t harm the skin. It keeps the skin on hands smooth and soft. The ingredients in this cleanser are completely baby-friendly thus it doesn’t harm the baby’s gentle skin.
  16. Ingredients & Availability.

  17. The Mother Sparsh Natural Baby Liquid Cleanser is made from Green Apple (a natural cleanser) Basil (natural Anti Bacterial) Sodium Benzoate ( biodegradable preservative), SLES (Plant-based mild surfactant), Citric Acid (natural PH adjuster)

It is available in the size of 500 ml bottle with an easy to use dispenser pump. The cleanser is available on the Mother Sparsh Website and Amazon

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