Why & How should you reasearch a company before joining?

So you aced the interview and have a smashing offer in hand, but should you sign the dotted line without having done any research about the company and work culture? The answer is no, infact your research should happen even before applying to a position.

Why to research about your new workplace before joining

Recently I dodged a bullet when I came to know about the abusive culture of a company before joining it, thanks to my research. I am glad that I came to know about its toxic culture before I started working there or else it could have been really bad. Surviving in a toxic culture or under an abusive boss is not easy and can be very distressing. I thank my stars for being able to save myself from it.

Here are the reasons Why should you explore and learn about the company you are about to join


5 Tips How to research about a new workplace

To verify in detail before you decide to work for an organisation

How to research and learn about your new company and its culture

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