Can’t believe that my tiny baby has grown so much. I wonder each time I see him. Surely time flies and seems like just a few days ago he was a tiny bundle. He is always a happy baby and touchwood he was an easy baby to most extent. He was breast fed and express fed. Sleeping through the night happened for us only post his first birthday. In the first year he used to wake up in the night for feeds after every 2/3 hrs but apart from that he mostly slept peacefully.

But sometimes, he did suffer from colic pain like most babies. This was when he was just born. Here is what you need to know about colic pain.

Babies sometimes suffer from colic pain and that makes them cry a lot. This can be very confusing and challenging for the parent also as it is hard to know why is the baby crying.


Crying could be due to hunger or in some cases it could be due to colic pain too. –

Colic pain is a result of gas that gets trapped inside after feeding causing cramps and the baby is ‘Colicky’. – it can happen with both breastfed and bottle fed babies

– if the baby is crying and is not hungry and keeps pulling up his legs towards his chest, it could be due to colic

– Colic is very painful and common in newborns. There are some natural ways to ease colic to some extent

– Hing (Asafoetida) is helpful in easing colic; Mix 2 tsp of hing in some warm water to make a paste and rub it around the navel area of the baby in light circular outward motions. –

Fennel is very effective in curing colic symptoms and a breast feeding mother can drink fennel tea. I did not give water to my son till he was 6 months old, thus I did not give him fennel tea directly. Rather I used to drink it religiously everyday –

To make fennel tea, crush 1 tsp of fennel seeds and let it steep in a cup of boiling water for 15 mins. Strain and drink


Some other ways to help ease colic are:

1. Burp the baby properly after every feed

2. Give some tummy time to the infant daily but please do this as advised by paed and under adult supervision

3. If you are breast feeding then avoid foods which cause flatulence, spicy foods and only eat home cooked meals

4. Your paed May advise some colic medicine if the baby is very colicky. Consult your Paed

Cloud mostly gets better with age and doesn’t need medical supervision. Hang in there mumma

Until next time, Love, Smita


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